Vacuum cleaner ceiling fan attachment

by grantstevens May 17, 2015
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I believe the following adapter will work for anyone else looking to use this on a dyson. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1889773

updated Changed to the correct link. Original had been remixed to a better fit which works fine with the attachment. Tested on my ceiling fans and did a great job with them. I'll be sure to try it on some high shelves as well.

Dyson adaptateur
by Kyrian

Can you tell me what vacuum you sized your attachment for? I tried it on both a dyson dc50 and a bissel bag vac. There are plenty of adapters for the dyson available to be printed but I need to know what to adapt it to that will fit. Thanks!

Great question! I assumed vacuums were standard-sized, but apparently not.
I designed mine to fit Oreck XL Type 3 Model BB1100DB

If you're open to suggestions, I'd like to recommend the following. It needs a center piece to distribute the suction forces. I made it and it has too much surface area open so it's only going to pull dust near the opening. I made it and it didn't really clean off the fan blades. That being said I don't know how to add to it other than just putting something in there to put the vacuum under more of a load. For what it's worth. But I did like the design and make it as one of my first prints.

Thank you for your feedback! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to duplicate your result.

To tinker with what arrangement of air guides would distribute suction evenly, I ran several tests, lifting dust from fan blades or salt from tables. To my surprise, in each case, the lift seemed evenly distributed, all the way to the far end of the attachment.

Do you have thoughts on how I might obtain your results?

Thank you! It was also a good learning experience and a bit of fun :)

That is a thing of beauty. It really is.

and a creative commons share alike license.

It's functional, its useful to many, and its free to use and expand.