Dental Demonstration Model / Modèle de démonstration dentaire

by Feataur May 25, 2015
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Can you send me file 11-High-poly.stl it is not working.

Great model, needs better instructions on what goes where and how each piece goes with the other pieces. I relied on the images for a lot of it. The print check list is incomplete also.

Hi I was going through the checklist of parts and I can't find Support de l'implant.stl and Fausse gencive 15.stl. Also, not every file is listing on the printing list. Are some just extra teeth? can you send me the files for the two missing pieces? [email protected]

Hi! Implant.stl is in the zip file and fausse gencive.STL is in fact Cache implant.STL in the zip file too, i forgot to rename it.

Sorry confused, "Support de l'implant" the same as support pour implant?? Fausse gencive 15 is Cache de l'implant?

Yes that's it. I'm sorry I made some mistake in renaming the files

Thanks, are there any directions on how to put this all together? The ones attached I don't feel are complete or am I missing something?? Your checklist of things to print to not include many of the files.

Hi Feataur, I was looking through the parts of the model through the zip archive, but I could not find (Fausse gencive 15.stl) and (8x Clip). Could you send me the files through Thingiverse?

hello... what is the real size?

the back is 18cm long. It's almost twice the real size of a mouth

Magnifico trabalho, iniciei as impressões e já fiz mais de 70% das peças, logo mais posto fotos. Muito obrigado por compartilhar.

Merc! Ficarei feliz em ver fotos de suas impressões

Thanks for your comment. May be you will have to make some rectification and sanding. I really want to see the photos.

Hi the teeth models that are on their sides... Did you print them like that or rotate them so they are standing on the root? I couldn't quite tell from the pictures. Great work!

Sorry for my late respond. Teeth are print at 45° with supports and vestibular face on the top.

Quick question. What's the scale factor on this model from standard teeth? Just curious as I am printing a couple of the teeth for haloween to match a full size skull that I have (Make it look like he spat out some of his teeth). Thanks in advance.

Hi! The scale factor is approximately x2.

Amazing work! Thank you for sharing!
Is it ok for me to ask for the title of your thesis? I am a dental student working on a thesis about 3D printing in dentistry and i believe your thesis can help me

I going to send you a PM ;-)

That is an impressive piece of work!
I'm curious, was the thesis on 3d printing or was this used for illustrative purposes?

Thanks! The goal of the thesis was to create a 3D printable demonstration model to explain easily the prothesis treatments to the patients. It can be also used for oral hygiene education and brushing for kids.