Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

XLRobots.com's X1 Opensource Female Robot Companion

by xlrobots May 17, 2015
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OK, Website is Forbidden, So I guess this is DEAD. Time to Remix to completion I guess. This will take time for me to do.
I printed the face and jaw, Came out life size and nice. The torso will be trouble as the model is so small and all one piece.
Might make one from scratch instead. Yes Guys It will look very Similar. Debating doing the Hips or Not. Does it need to bend at the waist?
Maybe just do the dress and put it on wheels Since legs and walking is a whole extra world of problems.

thats a shame everybody is doing the wheel thing im trying my selfs to take it to the next level and try to make it walk. im also trying to build my own robot mine wil also look like scarlet Johanson models already there but wil take al long time to finish.

I agree, Walking is the best, but to get it moving years faster, I'll put wheels in the dress for a jump start. Then it will be reasonably mobile while I work the legs. Balance is a tricky thing, I'm thinking of cannibalizing a few cheap drones (Or just getting the control boards) for the self stabilizing ability. Stabilize at the ankle, then the knee, then the hips. Then jog it forward one leg at a time while balancing on the other. IT IS VERY TRICKY to do, we learn it as toddlers and we fall lots of times getting it right.

What electronics do I need to buy to get this moving? Do you have a list?

I guess this is dead? what a shame

hi the project as been put on hold due to the johnny five ,before that it wase the xlr project wil you ever post the rest of this project thanks.

Project has obviously been abandoned

Not even a mention of this project on their web site. This project is vapor

Project has been put on hold due to the Johnny Five Robot project.

Which = vapor

what are you talking about. He gives you everything in the files. Work out the rest yourself, don't just download stuff from thingaverse, remix and make it work. Add in the Inmoov skeleton if you must

Don't start a project and then abandon it. We are not talking about remix here. Why don't YOU 3D design the remaining parts and upload them? Oh....you have a very strange definition of "everything" when 3/4 of the parts are missing and there are no instructions provided at all.. BTW.....xlrobots.com does not even exist anymore. So much for that....

We are all anxiously awaiting your completion of this project since it is obviously so easy for you to do.

dude so wy dont you finish it and stop bashing on others you want to build it so lets see your skills?

I did not "bash" anybody. I simply pointed out that the project was abandoned. Nor did I suggest that anybody finish the project. It is YOU people who keep doing that. So...."dude".....walk the walk and quit suggesting that other people do it.

if i see how many negative responses you give its classified as bashing. if you want it that bad get some skills and build it he is obviously not gonna do it.

Oh my goodness. I did not realize that I was conversing with the King of the Universe who gets to classify everything. Once again Your Majesty.....WALK THE WALK and quit telling everybody else to do it. Oh, and while you're at it..."get some" grammar skills.

Project has been put on hold due to the Johnny Five Robot project.

I'll be starting to print this model at the end of the month. Am I correct in assuming nothing but the head assembly itself is complete? I appreciate you wanting to make certain all files are correct before publication. Can you give a time frame for neck and torso? Lastly, what electronics package do you recommend?

I hope this wasn't abandoned :(

hi ,we are now in may, not looking good for any new files from you.

we are in march, not dec or jan, no up dates if you dont intend to finish this ting then wy start it ,delete it from this site.

Still eagerly awaiting the additional parts to be uploaded.
This looks to be an excellent demonstrator robot model.

project still exist?

Would love to get an STL for the eye-ball holder device so I can press on with the coding - any chance please?

Try looking at the Inmoov robot, It has a very similar build.

Hi guys, due to high volume orders of our XLR line we have not had the opportunity to continue on the X!'s build. We haven't abandoned it we have it on hold. We thought October would be free but ot looks like the end of December beginning of January when we slow down a bit and can give her the time she deserves. We just don't want to u/l sub-par files just to rush it.

hi , we are now nearing october, but ther is still no updates, will you be updating or have i wasted my time and mony thanks.


I would like to use your female robot in my robotic R&D project.
Do you plan to upload the other parts ?


We haven't forgotten about our X1, but we have been swamped with our new XLR-ONE MIni so the X1 is on hold for now. We will be uploading new content as soon as we get the chance to complete it. Thanks for your support and we will be posting aain soon.

hi you did say you will post new upload from july 10 will you still post as it is now the july the12 thanks?

will the original torso design be available?

New uploads will be comings soon. We have been swamped with our XLR-ONE orders and our time dedicated for the X1 was pushed back. Fear not she will begin getting weekly uploads starting July 10th.

very cool guys, anxiously awaiting the rest!

Looking Forward to remaining part upload, This looks Awesome.

Long night. Many upgrades. Added more detail to her head and upper body.Her neck is powered by 3 pistons and a custom Ball Joint system inside her head. Separate pivot joint turns head left to right, while pistons move head up and down and tilt side to side. Added a backpack with removable lid for storing batteries. Changed the Fish bone waist for a more sleeker easier to print sphere base. Will be added the butt and thighs tonight. I should have the finished eye rig up in another day or so.

Ok i upgraded the Eyes. The eyes are ready for the Animatronic rig which will be up in a few days. Still working out the bugs. Also i will be u/l the Neck assembly as well.

@pyro0139 Ok the drive train for the XLR-ONE is to small for the X1. THe Master Control Unit will work with the X1.Also the sensors are user specific. You can add sonic sensors to the dress( drive train). The cameras were gonna be in the eyes, but after testing it with the led's the light ruins the image quality. So the camera will be added to the head band.

sorry another question, was looking at your website.
will x1 with drive train be compatible with the xlr-one master controller

and wiil all sensors be in drive train or will eye sockets have cameras and such?

sorry i didnt flip to last couple pics. so will drive train be tracked or wheels?

@pyro0139 if you see the last pic where she is standing with a dress. that will be the detachable drive train(still developing it).

will this have the rest of the legs? and will it be able walk? or atleast have a tracked platform, then just add a long skirt to hide it?
once i build my 3d printer hopefully before end of year want build a robot, this one would piss off the wife :))

Ok i have uploaded the head with the jaw brackets for movement. I will be uploading details on assembly soon.

@neoteric there will be 2 versions of the chest cover plate. with nipple and without.

Why does a robot need nipples?

To feed baby robots?

The internet was invented for this comment!

Phew.... I was starting to get scared that I was the only one that thought it was funny.

The next upgrades include "expandable mammary". hehe nerdy snort-giggles. I'm still jealous of those who can render this well, but I'm glad to have stumbled upon like-minded humor.

Just a note that this will be the same size as the inmoov. But unlike the inmoov, it will be a contained robot meaning no exposed wiring. the battery,controllers and such are hidden with in the legs and buttocks.this will give the X1 a clean finished look.

Well the face is in a neutral position. The eyes and mouth are both animatronic. So once you assemble it you can set the "mood" any way you like.

Uncanny Valley, anyone? The facial expression is a bit unnerving.