Parametric Minecraft - Creeper

by lrdfang May 7, 2011
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Nice! I hadn't seen this when I made mine. You might want to correct the mouth though, look at a picture.

Good job! You beat me to it, I have my version half done. :) Any chance of sharing the .scad file?

Oops, yeah. I thought I had uploaded that too. I will have it up today.

That was me BTW answered on my phone and forgot to sign in. The .scad is uploaded, it isn't labeled that well but I will try to remember everything and comment it. I made this a while ago and it has been sitting on my computer to be uploaded. I met Marty and the makerbot guys at 3D-DC and Robot Feast and they were the ones that encouraged me to upload it.

You inspired me, so here is a small keychain out of my (much simpler) model. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:8363http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Minecraft Creeper Keychain
by Nudel_P


Must have for any Minecraft fan. Anyone up to designing the player or perhaps the infamous Herobrine:-P, i would but i suck at 3d designing.

Honestly it was really easy with openscad, the hardest part was coming up with the plan and then making parametric. I am glad I did though, I started laying out the pig but soon realized at 8x scale I can't print it on a makerbot. The body for the pig is long then the creeper body is tall. I will see what I can put together for the guy. Mind you the guy will be best to print in white/natural and color in.

I came up with a plan for the guy last night. Like I said he is going to be essentially a blank skin. I am going to make it so he can hold items though. Expect more minecraft to come from me at least and hopefully other people too.