PiCam mount

by radd May 19, 2015
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Hi! just a heads up: don't use this with a PiCam 2.1 as the integrated circuits on the back don't have enough room to fit in. I didn't realize what was blocking it, used some force to put the picam in and 2 ICs fell off breaking the whole module.

Sorry that you had issues with my part. My students tend to use the Pixy cam instead of the PiCam now, so I never had a reason to update it.

No hard feelings, it was totally my fault for not checking what was blocking it and trying to force the picam in.

Any idea why cura shows me that thing as 1.7 mm in width?

Sorry, I still do everything in inches. All our machine shops are still using it. We actually have less issues with it. Many of our machines use STL files which don't have units. The machines will automatically guess if a part is either mm or inches. The issue comes in that some software like Inventor save the STL as if you are working in cm even though you are working in mm. The machines sees centimeters as inches, so the parts come out x2.54 too big.

PS - I'm a electronics guy and through hole electronics is based on 0.1". So working in inches is easier.

he exported it in inches.just scale by 25.4.