Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

OpenSkan 3D Body Scanner (Non-invasive)

by VirgilVox May 4, 2013
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Sadly the reffered website is expired, and not anymore available. I would be intressted to build this scanner.

Nice rig! Will you be posting additional info and/or BOM? I have been looking into using a Kinenic in this way and would like to get more information on how you did your scans and motorized your scanner and turntable.

I'll be posting files soon. Just refining a bit more.

Great stuff. I've actually been working on a similar scanning rig to go with my turntable for full body scans. I'm curious what you're using as the bearing and motor for the turntable? Also, where did you get the gears on the vertical pole for the servo to move the kinect up/down with? I have been working on a pully system rather than a geared approach to move my scanner up/down on a makerslide rail.

IMO, I would not use the backsplash behind the scan area- it is unnecessary. The main thing with ReconstructMe will be to have only the subject on the turntable in the scan volume. If the backsplash is within the volume, ReMe will be "confused" by the fact that the wall is stationary and the subject is turning. ReMe thinks your sensor is moving around the subject and if the stationary object is in the scan it will choke.

I'm actually using a heavy duty lazy susan we had lying around in our robotics lab. We normally use it for turrets, but it works perfectly. Right now I just have a crappy geared motor attached to it for prototyping purposes, I have a different motor I'll be using. Trying to keep it low profile.

I was gonna do the pulley method originally, but I thought this would be more aesthetically pleasing and a more direct approach, I may switch to a pulley system, since I've had to add the counterweight anyway. As for the gears on the pole, its actually just timing belt glued to the side.

As for the backsplash, that's only from my original mock up before I got building and playing with scanners, so it wont be in the final iteration. Skanect actually lets you choose a 3 dimensional bounding box for scan. It has built in repair tools as well, I'd get a license if I were you.

I've been pretty backed up with university, so this project has been sitting for a long while, hopefully I'll have more to show later this week. :D