by CosmoWenman Jun 6, 2013
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What happened to this project? I was hoping to see some Egyptian pieces....

It's complete. The 12 scans it produced are listed on the description page: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:83781

(My other scans are here: https://www.thingiverse.com/CosmoWenman/designs )


Hm, cool, interesting... but quite strange is:
i personaly asked the Skulpturenhalle Basel in 2010 to get alowed to 3Dscann there... (artec eva)
First, they have not been very nice to us and showed absolutely no interest in 3D scanning and its possibilities..

i wonder what black magic you used.. :)

Why just limit it to Switzerland? You could put thousands of sculptures up for copying worldwide.

One museum at a time! But yeah, they're all on the to-do list.

I would recommend you using a kinect to scan instead, much better than 123d catch and still very cheap if you use software such as skanect, and it is also a timesaver compared to using 123d catch.

No it's not better than 123d catch. A kinect, by necessity of it's point correction, constantly smooths all concave creases resulting in a model that looks like it's been smoothed with mud.

On the other hand Agisoft does a much better job than 123d catch using the same techniques.

Asking for 35,000$ on kickstarter for some autodesk 123d catch models? Dude, I really hope you understand how shallow that is- I've scanned ancient sculptures for museums using very time consuming but very detailed scanning methods, even releasing some to the public for free, but never would I ask the public for that much money to release something. It is insulting to both the original artist and the audience you target. I hope you use thingiverse to share and not to promote your overzealous idea of 'art'. Remember- you are scanning art that has the master's blood and sweat throughout, that took years to complete. If this is for others education- don't monopolize it. 35k. . .

You, thorpi, most certainly do not understand the costs associated with doing something like this on the scale that Cosmo is talking about. Did you even read his post, or the kickstarter campaign in progress? If you didn't, you should keep your mouth shut in the future until you do so. If you did, and you still maintain your position, then I directly accuse you of being a selfish, self centered cheapskate; the kind of person who is always looking to get everything for free and feels like the world owes you something. The project that he is undertaking has costs. Costs, mind you, which could very easily go way beyond the target he has set for his Kickstarter. He will have to work very hard to keep things within budget, and will have nothing to show at the end of his work other than the scans he was able to procure before the funds ran out, and those he is promising to share with the world for free. That, thorpi, is dedication to the preservation of priceless works of art, and from your post it seems, something on which you place no value. That being said, I sincerely hope you look into this more with an open mind, and reconsider your position.

For 35k you can easily buy a decent 3D scanner and have 5k-15k left of that budget. I'm more than willing to scan a sculpture if someone would pay me $150-450$ for it.

I understand most of the cost, but saying he needs 35k to scan ~35 models? The only reason why it will take him as long as he says is because he's using 123D Catch. Using a 3D Scanner, he would be done in a day or 2.

Poor Quality software= many hundreds of photos = lots of time = lots of $ (because a man DOES need to be paid for his time) = poor quality mesh


High Quality Scanner = lots of equipment $ = little of time = little man-hours $ = ultra-high quality mesh

What method are you using to scan?

I'm planning on relying on 123D Catch, for a couple reasons.

First, it's free, and I need to keep my costs down. 123D Catch is free "photogrammetry" software that analyses digital photographs of an object and reconstructs a 3D wireframe model of the object. I'll be taking many hundreds of photos of each sculpture, from all angles, and processing them with Catch. While it's true that high-end 3D scanning equipment can get much more accurate results, it is also very expensive.

Second, I want to focus on using the least expensive consumer-grade stuff in order to demonstrate what the average user can do. Hi-tech labs and well endowed museums have been using very high-end scanning equipment for a long time, making 3D models for their own use, in-house. That's nothing new. But the improvements in inexpensive, consumer-grade solutions is where the action is right now. Growth in that sector -- and demonstrations of what it can do -- is going to be what drives people's expectations about what kind of models museums should be publishing.

Third, I know how to use 123D Catch. I have captured very nice models, even under some poor conditions, with it. So I expect better than average results in the near-ideal setting of the Skulpturhalle.

That said, if my project is well received and well funded, and I can really take my time in the museum, I am planning on inviting/soliciting higher-end scanning companies to either loan me equipment, or send a small team to join me for a day or two so they can demo their own equipment and add their scans to my project's output. Make it a group effort and product demo opportunity for them, and produce more scans for publication. I'm already in touch with a few.

I will also be publishing all the original photographs, so anyone will be free to run them through any other photogrammetry software the want to try, now or in the future.

I have to say that if I look at the scan you provided on the kickstarter, it lacks so much detail. Yes, the original image is there when you look from afar, but up close, it simply doesn't hold up.

A project with this big a scale and this much at stake for the digital preservation of culture should definitely cost this much, if not more. However, it should not be done with something that makes such poor models as 123D Catch. 123D Catch is great for everyday use, and even making some printable models, but anything beyond that, it simply lacks detail. In many cases, 123D Catch over-smooths surfaces and actually destroys the whole purpose of the sculpture, which is the "blood, sweat and tears" of the artist. It also does not render depth into the model well, so cutouts or nicks or sharp indents will not render in 123D Catch.

If you simply purchased or even rented a 3D professional scanner, he could get 100x better scans in a fraction of the time. So, not saying it isn't an amazing idea and a huge undertaking, but I'm saying that a considerable amount of the time that you will be spending on this and thus, your Kickstarter funding to be used, can be spent on renting or even purchasing a decent 3D scanner.

In short, you don't need hundreds of of photos (thus lots and lots of time) to make a 3d model, you can save your time and spend that money on a 3D scanner and do 2x the amount of models in half the time at a way way better resolution. I mean, you are preserving history after all.

Also, to encourage "what the average user can do" you can simply mention 123D Catch, give it some more exposure, but not to capture timeless works of art.

The preview version on display at on the Kickstarter page is a highly decimated version, reduced so as to load quickly in viewers' browsers.

Please take a look at the original model, captured with 123D Catch, here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:32338http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Even in the "thingiview" preview, you can see that much of the texture of the highly weathered original marble is captured intact.

I certainly appreciate the higher quality possible with more expensive equipment. As you can see elsewhere, though, my budget is already seen by some to be too high, even using free solutions. If the project is well funded, or gains sufficient interest, I will certainly be looking into borrowing, renting, or purchasing additional equipment.

And, an ugly truth of fundraising: the "tote bag" is not free. Fundraising itself has costs. Nearly half my budget is dedicated to paying the Kickstarter and Amazon payment processing commissions, and fulfilling the Kickstarter "rewards" for backers. While I would love to be able to do away with those costs entirely, and focus on producing only the pure public good of the scan product, the fact is that Kickstarter and Amazon both take their cut, and people want tangible rewards for their donations, and those very real costs must be included in the bottom line.

Portrait of Alexander the Great

Great work!! Are these statues the originals? If yes please make a campaign to keep the museam your scanned objects and return thiese status where they belong - to Greece!

The originals are scattered around the world -- though some are in Greece.

The Skulpturhalle houses high-quality, high-fidelity plaster casts carefully taken directly from the originals in the 18th and 19th centuries. If my fundraising campaign is successful, these are what I will be scanning.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, there was a strong, vibrant tradition of sending plaster copies around the world, to far flung museums and art schools, as a way of sharing the artwork. That tradition fell out of favor in the beginning of the 20th century, and many plaster cast collections were broken up, and in some cases physically destroyed. The Skulpturhalle is one of a few institutions that still maintains a large collection of these works, and embraces the tradition behind their origin.

For my purposes, they are actually better than the originals: they are all on wheels, so I will be able to move them into perfect lighting conditions. I will be able to move freely around them, as they are not in niches. And, of course, they are all in one place! And I'll be able to setup a laptop, and review my work, live.

For more information on the tradition behind plaster casts: http://www.vam.ac.uk/content/articles/t/the-vanda-cast-collection/http://www.vam.ac.uk/content/a...

Brilliant work! I really look forward to see all the incredible things that you'll be doing!

Thanks. I'll do my best. Please tell you friends about the project. Your enemies too -- I don't judge.

I most definitely will!

Great idea Cosmo! I wish you the very best of luck. :-)