Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Custom carbon fiber quadcopter frame _ R-Fly

by bernardobls May 20, 2015
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This is a gorgeous design - I am finishing up my print at 100% now. I used MeshMixer to produce hollow versions of the STL you provide and it all works well but the main problem I am having is accurately assembling the pieces once they are printed.

Would you be willing to post a full, uncut STL of the original that I could work though and create a series of interlocking parts? I figure it would be an easier assembly if the parts were self aligning. I have tried to reproduce a whole model by re-assembling the parts you provide in a couple different tools but I figure working from the original would be the most accurate way to start.



I Had some other comments - but figure they are irrelevant now...sorry for the spam...
The reality was - Started printing last week, and doing 2nd last piece tonight, the Back section.
So far so good with all pieces working brilliantly in PLA Carbon Fibre, the surface looks excellent as is, not going to CF layer, but will use Fibreglass and Polyester resin as I have done all my Foam UAVs.

One of my previous comments was to the OP @bernardobls - just curious to see the Assembly itself, did you only join the pieces together with glue, and rely on the strength of the CF to hold it all together? I won't have quite the strength and rigidity with the Fibreglass, unless I increase my layer count, just curious if you used or would suggest using any internal nuts and bolts between sections.


Comments deleted.

UPDATE: I did the FRONT part with supports (10%, including Raft and Raft for the Supports) - it turned out Awesome for first Go I thought.

Using PLA Carbon Fibre - the Matte look makes you want to do nothing else with it, especially to keep the Print lines, which give it a very Stealth look - But you still have to get the travel line excess off...

Doing the Middle print now - without supports, the Front came off the Supports so easily it made me realise it very likely doesn't need them...Will see in 3 hours...or maybe less...

...It would also have been good to see how you physically put the Body together in terms of How much of the Inner walls did you remove, How, and how did you then Secure each of the Sections together...I'm guessing not Just with CA glue?

Super impressive all around my friend. Badass design and well edited video! Just curious what the weight of this frame ended up being? Keep up the awesome work!

I have printed this at 75% and glued it together and am ready to epoxy the CF. The CF I bought seems pretty heavy.... what weight of CF did you use? I assume you placed it on the diagonal to allow it to better conform to the curves? Looks like from the video that the battery goes in the bottom? ESCs are internal with no cooling? What did you use for a camera gimbal?BTW, Thanks for a beautiful design.!!!

Es ist sehr dünn ich kann es nicht drucken

du bist sehr dünn cura und atacke

I have printed this at 75% and glued it together and am ready to epoxy the CF. The CF I bought seems pretty heavy.... what weight of CF did you use? I assume you placed it on the diagonal to allow it to better conform to the curves? Looks like from the video that the battery goes in the bottom? ESCs are internal with no cooling? What did you use for a camera gimbal? What a beautiful design.!!!

Hey Bernard,

I realize it's been a while since you did this build. I wanted to ask, did you find you needed out used supports anywhere for printing.

Secondly, I see others have printed this out already, but I'm bringing the files into Repetier v1.6.2 and it's giving me a warning that the object/mesh isn't watertight. And suggests repairing the file. This is on following stls in the folder.

Right landing gear
Left landing gear

The rest are fine.

I don't "see" any breaks in the mesh but that doesn't mean anything, apparently it does.

I've downloaded it several times it looks like the file has been corrupted.

Would you mind re-upping the file?

And just a note, you included a 160kb mp4.sfk file in there... (Sony Vegas audio) I guess from your video creation. Just letting you know in case you wanted to delete it.


Hi I am interested in doing this for a school project however I would like to make some edits to the arms (to make them lock to the body) but this is currently quite difficult as the files shared on thingiverse are stl’s. I noticed from your YouTube video that you designed it on sketchup so could you please send me the design file (in the same format as you saved it when you were designing it) before you created the split for arms and the body, my email address is [email protected] . This would make it much easier to perform these edits. Thanks in advance, I think this frame you have designed is amazing I just hope you will share your original design files so I can perform a couple of edits thanks again,

Do you have a parts list on hand for this build? Im still learning about electronics and decided this could be a fun project to keep me engaged. Im printing the body right now but im not sure where to start with the components. Would love to start with things i know will work then start tinkering from there.

anybody tell me the the pot size for the mortors and biggest blade will fit thanks

How can I open the files in Maya to resize them?

Not familiar with Maya, but since the file are STL's you can open the files in your slicer like simplify3D or software like meshmixer and scale them to say 75% or what ever you want. Making changes to a mesh file like STL's is a pain. Outside of scaling if you do want to make changes to the design in most cases you are forced to redraw it... Good luck.

Hello great design. Made one and it fleis very good. Can You tell me the total weight of your quad with motors and everything.

Awesome design!!! Do you have the template for the top hatch? The q500 would be perfect for this!!!

Great Design!!!! It just seems that the inside is filled rather than hollow so how do i fit the electronics inside?

He saId in the description make it five shells and 0 infill in the parts will be hollow.... worked for me....

These files are not hollow. Is this on purpose? Other wise how am I suppose to build it?


Do you have a parts list you could share for this project? It would be much appreciated!


I saw this this vid ages ago on youtube and i needed a project as i am bored of printing small things for work.
So, i decided to try and design something similar to your awesome quad and just cant seem to get my idea out of my head and into solidworks.
But, i guess i will keep that on the back burner untill i have figured it out. and just print this beast!

Thanks dude!

It looks fairly slippery aerodynamically. Have you attempted to do any timed top speed tests? Just wondering how fast it might go :-)

hello. How can I control this quadcopter. Can I use ARDUPİLOT or CC3D fly control card.

Great project, great design, Bernardo!

I´ll build one and with your permission maybe redesign in to a hexacopter.

Humberto Melo

This frame type is X frame or what? Thanks for answer.

Hello, I am wanting to make this, but i need a 3d printer first. What are the print dimensions recommended in a 3d printer to print this?

Very nice design, ever think about using a dissolvable filament to get rid of the inner support after laying up the carbon fiber? Would the Carbon fiber take being submerged until the filament dissolves?

Hi there -

thank you so much for posting a very cool design. I'm a CAD designer by day, and know what it takes to get something like this from concept to relativity. I've started making mine - its already looking great.

I'm wondering if there is any chance you can post the original / native CAD data. It looked like maybe you built the surfaces in Rhino? I'd like to make some tweaks at the surface level, pull it into Geomagic and re-process the STL's for use in some more advanced rapid prototyping machines (At work).

thanks in advance!

Is there a list of the electronics, motors, and propellers needed to finish the project out? I'd like to make one, but I'm unfamiliar with R/C Electronics.


Just started this project today, please give or express any helpful hints. I am a High School Principal and have I group of students that willing to to do the work to make our quadcopter FLY!

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while this will work, it's not a best practices layup. if the previous layer is still soft (or slightly tacky), then no need to add weight (epoxy) or sand.

Comments deleted.

You don't know the proper way to go about this, I'm sorry. While there is room for variation and different recipes, adding coat of epoxy without carbon make the structure weaker on inner layers and also much heavier. So that's bad.

If the next layer is applied before the First layer is cured then The layers will be cross-linked chemically, which is much better than what you're trying to do with abrasion and adhesion that's only mechanical.

You can easily test what I'm saying. Two sandwiches of carbon one your way, one mine. Leave the part of the fiber unjoined. Then you can easily see that your piece will be heavier, and the destructive test will show it also be easier to tear apart. It will be impossible to tear apart the chemically cross-linked composite.

Comments deleted.

What did you use to cut the top....then how did you get it to stay on ....magnetics?? I know when I cut it I am gonna have a gap....so?????

Don't wanna cut till I have ideas

I have the frame built and got the DJI E600 multi-rotor system. The motors do not fit in the slots for the arms. Was I supposed the scale the frame when I built it. How much do I scale since there are no easy measurements to go by.


I can't Rember where I heard it or read it but it said that this is a 600 sided quad if I wanted to replace the body of my blade 350 QX3 would I just scale it down to 50%???

Do you have any physical measurements of the quad from motor to motor???

Did you use Loctite 401 for the super glue???

By the way I just wanted to let you know this is by far one of the best looking quads I've ever seen out of any class... It reminds me of the Marines ship in the movie Aliens A++++ one of my favorite movies

I build mine @75%, so its a 450size copter! 50% is too small! I'm going to replace my phantom elektronics. The phnatom seems to be the same size like your qx350. The Motormounts fit exactly the 2212 Motors.

I am building one at 75% as well..... what motors, esc. And battery would you recommend I use? I have 2200kv and 2300kv motors 20A esc.s and 3s 2200mAh batteries I can use if suitable but I am looking for a parts list that works. Also, what props to buy for this one?
Thanks Dennis

Yea i just went ahead and did 75% so I have room for error...... Has anyone addressed the inside placement of electronics ( What do the sit on and how to secure them???) and the removal or the top cap for access to everything.

Once I get a little farther in to having the whole print in my hands I will figure it out if not .....

I have the front printing now. 5 Shells and 0% infill 4hrs...... 85% right now

So if I do everything to 75% scale it will all match up right I don't wanna be 12 hours in and have a curve ball pitched at my face......

It's fantastic Quad!

Congratulations for the great work!

I have a question, is-it possible to have de files 3D, witch extension *prt or an other file (.igs, etc)? I have a probleme, I don't say to convert the files STL and I need to change the forme, because I want to use the drone for to fish.

Thank you very much.

what is the weight of the frame only?

What size is the Quadcopter
450mm ?

Its 600mm. I build one at 75%, wich is 450mm size. 22xx Motors fits very well.

This is definitely going to be my next build!
Just one question...How exactly did you attach/secure the top cover plate?

Thanks so much for the reply!
I was also wondering..what type of mount you used for your zenmuse?
It looks like there's a separate attachment at the hull of the quadcopter and
the gimbal itself...another print maybe?

After wrapping with carbon fiber, I made it press fit.

Great design, have printed the body, now waiting for the carbon. Can You tel me how much this empty model weights with the carbon.

I have printed the frame and glued it now have to rap it with carbon fiber will post more pic on instgram @ Flight_budz and have a video of the whole build on youtube in a week or so the link for my channle is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxzV50ZftKFdDZxV0gV-ytw

where did you get the CF at

Could you sent me the ipt file of this? I would like to make changes and print my own.

Great Quad
I have built one with DJI Naza electronics. Just had problems getting the lamination of the carbon fibre smooth, my resin took too long to go off so go lots of drips. Lots of lessons learnt with the construction, like making sure the holes in the arms made to feed the esc power cables are big enough.

My printer is down at the moment but I am gonna print another body now I know what to do better
will post some pics soon.

It flys really well too.

This is one of the most beautiful quad designs I have ever seen!! Very nice project!!

What battery do you use

pulse 10.000 mah 4s!

Also sorry for bugging so much about this not trying to be rude but the gimbal question

It looks to me when I open the main body files up in google sketchup they are solid pieces. How have all of you been printing these parts but leaving the inside hollow for your electronics? Or are you printing the solid pieces and then having to carve out the middle sections?

What gimbal did you use and is it 2d or a 3d one

Hey Bernardo, which transmitter and receiver do you use?

lightbridge with futaba!

Is this ABS or PLA?

ABS would work better as it is slightly more flexible for absorbing vibration.

I was thinking about the reaction of ABS with the mixture. Since ABS will react to acetone.

Hey Bernardobls, I have a Replicator Z18 and thus have enough room to print the entire body in once piece. Is there any way you could repost this file with the body (front,middle,back, and landing gears) all in once piece? I would greatly appreciate it.


Hi bernardobls, thank you very much for the excellent post! the quadcopter looks awesome! I am very interested in making one for myself. Can you tell more about the electronics you used? Thanks!

Hi, thanks for the post I am making one of these frames as of this moment. I was wondering if you could give a list of parts used other than the frame?

Can you help me with the engine ? which you have used .

t-motor 3110 700kv 12" props

I like it verry much, but is there a possibillity to make it with 2 arms more? I can't draw it myself in solid works.

I already have all the parts and sticking skeleton. I was very surprised with the result. Thank you for this model, I have long been looking for something like this. I'm curious to see more photo and improvements.

Could you post a parts list? I'm interested to see what you used. Very cool by the way!

That looks amazing! Would you be willing to go into more detail (even a lot of detail) on the CF skinning proccess? I must try that!