Rose with stem

by tc_fea May 4, 2013
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thank you for the compliment

This turned out great thank you for designing this

you are welcome. glad u like it

This item was great for mothers day my mom loved it

glad she liked it :)

looks cool my mom is going to love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

glad you like it :)

My mom loved it, thanks! Perfect geeky gift.

your welcome

my old version of pronterface say 3 hr & 21 mins. it's a lot of plastic for the petals. 0.3 mm layer height

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congratulations to all you making and sharing pictures of those beautiful prints

These are awesome!! Thank you for sharing!

tc_fea, I would like to print >100 of these with some embossed text for wedding favors, but I can't do that on an STL file in Autodesk Inventor. I was wondering if, by any chance, you drew the rose top in Inventor or if the CAD/3D software you used can export an .ipt file. If so, would you be willing to send me a converted copy? Let me know, thanks a bunch!

Sorry I do not have the capability to do that. I used an old educational version of ANSYS that does not allow the export of geometry. I wrote an ANSYS ADPL program to convert a mesh directly to a .stl file.

pcdangio and Josejuako you are both most welcome

Printed some red roses and a vase for my fiancee on Valentine's day and got mega brownie points :) Thanks for the designs!

Thanks a lot . very nice parts !.

Those are some beautiful prints!

Hope I'll have enough time before Sunday to print some blue roses for my wife.

Just in time for mother's day.

This is a wonderful print. I want to print it in PLA, but don't want to have to glue them together. There must be an easy way to make a "snap-fit"? This is my special request. Thank you.

Superglue (CA) works fine with PLA.

Since the mating surfaces both print against the build platform, I don't see any easy way to add a snap fit. Any ideas?

Emmet's new pins might be the perfect thing!


I think you could just make a hole in each one and a pin could hold it all together.

Parametric Snap Pins
by emmett

You could put a hole in the mating surface of both and use the double ended pin from this: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:10541http://www.thingiverse.com/thi.... Or just a hole for a pin to make the gluing a little easier? (only offering the suggestion since you asked, I'm grateful for the model as-is!)

Do you remember what settings you used when you sliced yours? I'm not sure if I fat fingered someting, but it took forever to slice the flower and then estimated build time was 12 hrs.

Pin Connectors V2
by tbuser

thanks for the double ended pin suggestion.

I printed these parts on a Solidoodle 2 and a Solidoodle 3 since I had to print half dozen.

I sliced the parts at the low resolution 0.3 mm layer height using an older version of skeinforge (41). I did not use the latest Solidoodle download that uses slic3r.

My print times were: stem 2 hours 15 min, flower 3 hours 40 mins. The rose is an 80 mm x 70 mm x 60 mm print that uses a fair amount of plastic with all those petals. I tried to keep the petals thin all the way to the base.

There are at least 65 skeinforge parameters, so it is not practical to list them all here.

Thanks. That answers my question.I guess asking what settings without being more specific was a tiny bit open ended : )