GoPro Velcro Strap Mount 02

by mcmahobn May 21, 2015
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Grea design, simple and easy to print. Unfortunatelly, the tolerances are too tight, and I can't slide my Gopro mounting plate inside... And my Prusa printer is quite accurate.
I didn´t feel like scaling the print so I modelled a new one from scratch in Fusion360, based on this model.
Here's mine in case anybody runs into the same issue: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2841098


Gopro velcro plate - backpack
by Deagol

Just wanted to give a quick review. This worked just perfectly for me. It wasn't full of holes like most things on this site. I printed it with ABS in .2 mm layers with supports and it worked just perfectly. I just needed to file/sand away the support material so everything was smooth and then I gave it a quick brush with acetone to increase strength.

I just printed this one. Unfortunately it only works ok if you have a GoPro mount like this:
I have a HERO 3 which did not come with that but the standard one:
With this one is pointing downwards like 45 degrees..

Yea, unfortunately it only works with the J hook style attachment. You need the clearance to be able to flip the camera up to look straight as you are walking as shown.

What file editing program can I use with the .sldprt file

.sldprt is Solidworks, but it can probably be imported into any main CAD program.

Hey, printing this for a friend, just wanted to ask if you printed it with support?
Also did you print it upright as the stl suggests or lying down as seen in pic 4?

I had some minimal supports just to support the overhangs. If you need me to modify the file and split it for printing with no support let me know. I printed it lying flat like shown in the pictures, sorry for the confusion!
Post a Make when you print it!

Thanks for the info, just finished it printing in a standing position, interestingly it worked out, but not all to good. Will print it flat now and see how that works out.

Nice! I'm trying to edit the .STL now to the correct orientation, thanks for pointing it out.

I now printed it without supports. Turned out really well. The bridges only sagged minimally.
The overhangs are fine too. I think you could optimize the overhangs by making them steep, if you know what i mean - like half a v shape but I do not know if the adapter will still fit then.

Thank you for your work. Will upload a make in some sec.

Nice Design, like the shape. I printed it in ABS and it seems it could possibly do with a slight increase in stability, wall thickness'...just an idea, i haven't tested it for wear and tear ;)

Let me know how it holds up! I printed mine on a Fortus 250 at .007 and it holds up really well. I backpacked through Asia for two weeks running timelapses and never had any issues.