Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Bitcraze Crazyflie frame

by VGer May 5, 2013
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Found it!!! Sweeet.
Thanks boukeg.

What did they say, the only thing your link takes me is to a link not found?

A 3D printing service wants to know if the .stl file for v 1.6.5 units are in millimeters or inches. Please advise


I made version 1.6.5 last night.

It would be wonderful if this could be held on to the crazyflie using the four corner holes instead of moving the battery around.

Any chance you could line up some bars between the big circles to maybe twist some wire around?

Or maybe even a version that hooks directly into those holes somehow...

In either case, thanks for the continued work on this! If only you had a cage on the top too...

I do not understand what you mean by:
"It would be wonderful if this could be held on to the crazyflie using
the four corner holes instead of moving the battery around."

This thing is held to the plastic motor mounts using some foam adhesive tape.

Regarding the cage, On Friday I am posting v1.7, have a look at the link and let me know how you like it:

Slic3r complains about "The input file contains a hole near edge 70.400002,69.599998,1.000000-69.599998,69.599998,1.000000 (not manifold)" in the 1.6.5 STL. Known problem? Can it be ignored?

I have updated v1.6.5. Can you download it again and run it though slic3r.
It should be OK now.
Let me know of any issues.

Use netfabb studio for the PC and look at the gcode. You will be able to see if it will be a real problem.

Note: Many indications as parts having holes, not being manifold, errors with mesh, etc... will not be noticeable with the printed parts. Since VGer's part is so small/thin it takes only a brief time and a little plastic to print and see. Don't delay the time to Crazyflie! Meaning two things: One - it won't be a problem to the printed part and/or Two you'll need to print a new one anyway after the crashes. ;-)

Lastly, get Sketchup or other design software and import the stl. You can fix a lot of these issues by just regenerating some of the geometry. No time like the present to learn new skills!

Will address this later on today, will let you know when done.

I printed in ABS. It bends and absorbs impacts. I kept hitting things and the ceiling hearing the --- Thzzzttt of the props. So, I made this Cage: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:87149http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Works great! Not too heavy it protects really well. Ha, ha, flight & CRASH tested!

Crazyflie Bumper Cage with Battery Holder
by bstott

Nice, I have been thinking about adressing the top of the props hitting the walls but your solution seems like a pretty good idea and easy enough to apply. How heavy is the additional frame my v 1.6.5 is about 3.3g.

According to my scale about 20g. The cage is designed at 2.04 mm thick. I am not taking your frame off my copter to check your frame - :-) It is glued to the cage. Are you sure your frame is only 3.3g? Oh, the motors seem to be plenty strong for the frame and cage. I'm still loosing control - Crazyflieing - LOL.

Great work, I'll be looking for a service that can print one of these nearby!

One question though, it seems that all energy of a crash will be transferred to the motor mounts, thus the arms on the flie. Can you think of a method that protects the arms as much as possible?

Also, maybe adding a (very) small rim on the bottom of the motor mounts can allow adding some small foam pads as landing gear?

All in all, this is a great protection for unexperienced pilots such as myself.

I'm trolling VGer's submisson .... Ha, ha....

Anyway - I've found
that as I learn to fly the copter I'm banging into things but my skill is quickly getting
so the copter isn't zooming at light speed into something to atomize it.
The frame is very adequate. The frame absorbs a lot of energy and does
not transfer much to the board. Note that the board is made from
fiberglass and is quite strong. The propellers will likely break and as
we've read the motors get bent before the frame. Oh, a shameless plug -
Print my Cage to go with VGer's frame. All around protection! A good mate for added safety too. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:87149http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Crazyflie Bumper Cage with Battery Holder
by bstott

;)... I will get you on v1.7.

Au contraire,

The stress on the arms of the flie will be slightly lower than in the same crash situation without the frame. This is because a small portion of the stress gets absorbed by the central arms of the frame. This portion of stress redirected to the frame will become higher as you increase the section of the central frame arms, the problem with this is that you will be increasing the frame weight as well. If you hit a wall fast enough you will end up braking anything. This frame is designed to offer limited protection for a small increase in weight.
About the frame availability, have you had a look in ebay?

Not received mine yet but what about making the frame mount on top of the motors helping to eliminate this bearing compression problem by using the frame supports as the spacers?

I have an idea that might work but that will be included in v1.7.

Ouch - 5/6/13 - Your crash looks twisted.

Only my pilot pride got bruised.

Wow, I just got mine yesterday - 5/4 and you've already got a mod. Too Cool! Have Fun Crazyflie'n! ;-)

I got mine yesterday too, havent done anything else since.
I have another mod for the frame so that the battery can sit on the frame below the quad, making it more stable to fly and making it easier to balance the CG.
Will post tomorrow.