MTG - Magic the Gathering 75 Card Box and Magic the Gathering 100 Card Sleeved Box

by Pteraghost May 22, 2015
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Would it be possible to add the spine to the customizer to label them differently? I like the "volume 1" on the spine but would be cool to customize that

I had to print it twice but the result is a realy nice Box. Tanks!

appreciate it, I need to make an updated one some point, I also intended to have a life counter in the spin instead of just a D20 holder, along with Token dispenser too.

Buenas! Al final no me queda claro, si el archivo que subistes es solo para 75 cartas sin fundas o el de 100 cartas con fundas. Un saludo.
Pd: El diseño esta muy chulo. Gracias.

Do you have one that is 100 non sleeved ? Just like the 75 card one but i would like to have one that is 100 non sleeved.
Would you be able to size it?
Thank you this is really awesome.

Comments deleted.

I used raw filament, then heated a knife to melt ends a little to keep the filament hinge in place

Thanks in the end i ended up using a toothpick, It worked perfectly.

I made one, am just wondering what did you use for connecting the holes ?

Little to No supports should be required, i print my pieces out without them. Spine i had stand upright, main box i had laid down on the back, and the the cards that go on the front and back i had upright but i did have a raft to keep them in place, that be only piece to have a support on.

Does anything require supports?

I can't seem to print the spine due to the fact that in any position i put it in, it makes a mess. Can anyone tell me what i can do to fix this?

My original version is for a Non Sleeved deck, while the 100 card one is for one that's sleeved. Haha I always been a fan of playing with cards and not worring about the price, you should see my original Jace lol.

But a lot don't share my view with cards. I'll see what I can do to create a 75 card sleeved version for you.

I tried printing this out and it looks really nice! I love the design. But maybe I did something wrong because the pieces don't really fit together as expected. The top has a bevel which prevents it from sealing to the box. The hinges on the spine don't seem to fit into the top or the box hinges correctly. It looks like the rounded cutouts near the hinges on the top and box parts are too shallow and not fully cut out. I also noticed that the commander box isn't deep enough for the 100 cards in sleeves. However, the box is a bit wider than expected and there is about 3-4mm of space all around the perimeter of the sleeved cards. Maybe its because the sleeves I'm using are thicker and shorter than the ones you used? Maybe it has to do with the 1.75 filament I'm using? Anyways, have these sorts of issues come up before? Might try my hand at adjusting the dimensions of the parts myself. If all else fails I'll just take a dremel to it and use it as a nice dice box :)

Thanks for the answer! Its ok though, I will print it 5% bigger, I think it will do trick. Now I'm looking for the magnets!

Hello, congratulations for your amazing design! I planned to print the box for a friend's birthday, but don't know exactly what to print. He uses a sleeved 75 card deck, and I'm not sure whether your initial version will work for this or not. Can you tell me if I have to edit the file somehow? Thanks a lot!

Alright guys, sorry it took a while but I have now uploaded a 100 Card Sleeved version of my MTG Card Box.

This box is amazing, and is exactly what I was looking for! One minor request, could you possibly edit the spine so that not all the ones I print say "Volume 1"? I'd like Volumes 2-9 as well, so my nine decks won't all have the same volume number, which would kinda look odd if I had them all together. Thanks for making this awesome box! Have a great day!

1 mtg card equals 63x88 mm
Standard Ultra Pro Sleeves are 65x90
65/63=1.03174603175... width
90/88=1.02272727273... length
You can do the math for any brand of card sleeve... just look up the dimensions on the internet
I would go slightly bigger as well so they are not too snug

What about increasing the thickness? My decks in sleeves are way thicker than my regular deck of cards, but if you resize the depth of the box, won't you have to scale the width the same amount, so the hinges are still round?

Still have to try it out but it should be a scaling of 1.03571428571 for sleeved cards

i'll edit it tonight and make a larger version for sleeves :)

When you do, please make it thicker, because sleeved cards are very thick.

Has anyone played with this file and figured out the percentage it needs to be scaled up for sleeved cards?

This is for a Standard, NON Sleeve deck, but you can scale it up to make it larger to fit sleeves.

Please upload *.stl files for each part.

Is this designed for 75 sleeved cards?

A Blank Spine has been uploaded now, so if you want the case to look like a normal book you can now.

Ya, i'll get a version of the spine without the "M" symbol, Text, and mana symbols uploaded tonight.

Is there anyway there could be a version of this book with a blank spine? I'd love to make a few extra boxes that I can use for things besides MTG.

Yes that is correct, its for non sleeve. If you need sleeved, i figured you could scale all the parts up a little to match your sleeves.

Pretty nice one. I made quick measurements and sizing is for non-sleeved, right?