Hyperboloid pencil holder

by MakeALot May 10, 2011
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Don't waste time on this, it only works on a certain brand of pencils (not sure which, I guess it only works with the Derwent's on the pics).
I've printed three in different scales (100%, 97%, 93%) and none of them holds the pencils in place.

Look for more accurate models, skip this one.

PD: I own a stationery shop, so I've had the chance to try different brands and none of the hexagonal pencils stays in place, only the triangular ones.

The SCAD file is there, change the line at the top of the file
to whatever diameter (in mm) you want.
There are other "makes" of this with different brands of pencils, pens and knives and forks.

"Don't waste time on this" - really getting into the Thingiverse community spirit.

los lapices queda flojos !!! se salen, seria conveniente modificar el diseño y hacer directamente cerrado los bordes de los orificios.

... o usted podría comprar diferentes lápices ;)

Ayudarse a sí mismo, el archivo SCAD está ahí para que usted modifique :)

Comments deleted.

Just had a stainless steel version of this made - came out very cool indeed 8-) 8-) 8-)

In the photo is 1 )Stainless steel, 2.) PLA 3.) ABS

Printed on the UP! 3D Printer from http://www.3dprintingsystems.comwww.3dprintingsystems.com

How much do you want for 2 of these? $5 a piece? $10? let me know [email protected]

I'm in the UK, the postage would probably cost you more than that, maybe someone here could make them for you, where do you live?

USA! let me know the postage!

Have a chat with Bradley Rigdon http://www.thingiverse.com/PrintTo3Dhttp://www.thingiverse.com/Pri... I'm sure he can sort you out a couple. :)

Have you used AutoCAD? do you know if the .scad files will run with that?

AutoCAD won't be able to read SCAD files. :(

could you please tell me what software you used to convert the simple picture photographs to mesh forms that can be exported in stl formats? please? (great job by the way)

I made it myself, it's not very user friendly. I'm sure there is a way using Blender, but I'm afraid I don't know it..

Wow! What a world will be made in the next decade with people - like yourself - cut loose to create and make on a whim. We are really going to see some very COOL projects and products.

Thanks. There are a huge number of very talented people here on Thingiverse all building on each other's work and ideas. I think the community spirit together with the design freedom offered by open source software and hardware is very powerful and liberating, allowing us to throw off many traditional design constraints and get straight to the end product. :)

How well will this fit non-Derwent pencils like Prismacolors since the are typically thinner.

They may be a little loose, you could either reduce the scale slightly to suit or you could modify the OpenSCAD file for the diameter of your pencils, using this method, you could also make the slots hexagonal if you wish.

Maybe i'm just missing it but I don't see a scad file for these here or in its parent thing.

Ah, yes, that would help! :)

Sorry, I thought I'd uploaded it! I've done it now...

You can change the the top two lines in the file :
numFaces = 18;
make this 6 for hexagonal pencils I wouldn't go much over 18, OpenScad will take a long time to process the file.
pencilDiameter = 10;
diameter in mm.

Good luck!

Mind blown, again... =-O

How solid is this, by the way? (gears turning upstairs)

Solid enough, you can shake it and the pencils stay where they are. The problem with pencils is the fact that they are all slightly different sizes even from one manufacturer. If you were going to use something like this as a support structure, you'd need to use dowels and then you could make it a solid as you want.

I like it, but I dare not print it... it would just be a matter of time until I impaled myself on the pencils.

It would oly hurt the first time, that would take the points off. ;)