Bugatti Veyron

by Wulfnor May 24, 2015
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it lacks parts like side 1 for example and I can not make a mirror of the room.
with which software?
thank you for your answer and

Very good model!!!

build video:

Hi, Thankyou for this great model. Just curious whether on parts like the back chassis where a portion of the sides have a small gap between the main body of the peice, whether this is as a built in support or whether they are part of the model.

It is a built in support, but unfortunately not consistently applied. Some parts still need further support and some parts lack this "help".
Although the print costs some nerves and takes a lot of time, it is a great model.
I will post my make of the model here soon :-)

how did you go about design this thing to print was it easy? Did it take a long time? Please input would be much apreciated

I really like your design, how did you make the shape of the car? by hand or did you have a file allready?
I want to make a 3D printable version of the Bugatti type 57sc atlantic and I have several files (.3ds, etc) but i don't know how to edit and convert them to be printable...
Maybe you can help me?

do you have a video on showing me how to put it together?

Where kan i buy the hbot 3d f300??

Great design! The parts are coming together. I am having trouble with the mesh parts, they keep printing with top and bottom layers. Anyone have a solution?

It was close when I printed it with no top or bottom layers with 50% infill. If I have time I will reprint with a lower percent infill

Where is the second air-duct?

You probably figured it out already but you just have to mirror the file to print the other side.

this thing looks amazing, but does it actually move?

can someone make an rc model version?

Just started printing at 90%. What settings did you use to get such a nice finish? Layer height and infill percentage would be most helpful!

Half way through a print at 50%. Everything fitting nicely so far.

Any tips on what order to assemble it in?

I haven't tried printing this yet but it looks great! I was reading threw the comments and lots of people said they had to scale it 90%, so I'm gonna try printing it then I'll post a comment saying how it went.

                                           P.S. I love this idea

How much did you scale down the tires, at 1:8 scaling it's still too big


The wheels are unsound and will not print. Everything else prints great.

Tires print good using CuraEngine slicer. Matterslice leaves skin on top and Slic3r doesn't work at all.

how did you orient the door handles to print?

Beautiful model of a beautiful car! Nice choice, nice work!

Question on scaling - the hood is just a tad to tall for my z-height. Is that the tallest part? I'm going to have to scale it to 90% to get it to fit and I don't want to print it and scale all the other parts to .9 and then find one that's still too big and have to start all over again!

Second, mirroring - when parts are specifically right or left and you only include the left part, how do I flip it so that I get a right part? I'm sure I am overlooking something obvious, but since this is a huge time investment to print (and well worth it IMHO), I don't want to start until I have a handle on all the details.

Thanks, Mark

No the back is the biggest part

No, the chassis-front, which is really the chassis-middle, is the largest part, 266.196mm long.

Netfabb Basic is a free program that can mirror STL files for you by any axis you need. It is under the parts tab in the program

Are parts missing or just mirror left side files?

Just mirror files :)

How do I print the right side parts from the left side parts?

very impressive build!

what did you use to bond the parts together?

Thank you :). I've used superglue.

The days of downloading a car are upon us!

thats impressive, well done!

Now this is impressive! Looks gorgeous!