Saturn V Rig

by cfastie May 24, 2015
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Hi Chris, this is the first time I use thingiverse to print things, so this might be a stupid question: I open the .stl file, and found that it actually is the wrong scale, should I do some adjustment before printing?

Hi Shanlter,
Yes, I think the scale is wrong on the Saturn V model. I made it in Sketchup and that happens sometimes. When I open the stl in my slicing program (Simplify3D) it warns me that the part is very small and appears to be in inches, and asks if I want to rescale it and convert to mm. When it does that the size is perfect. So I have not changed the model. I don't know how to get a good result using other slicing programs.
Others have printed the Saturn V Rig, so there must be other ways to scale it correctly. The total width of the part should be 15.6 cm. The height is 14 cm.


Thanks! I'll try

I have noticed that if i import the .stl's into Cura they are minute. So have used the sketchup and then created the stl. however with the SatTop084 i have had problems each time I print with it creating some mystery line as per the pictures. Looking at the skp file I cant see any errors. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Sorry you are having trouble printing that part. I have sliced that STL in Simplify3D with no problem and it prints very well on a Makerbot Rep 1 dual. Have you tried different slicer settings (layer height, infill) to troubleshoot? I hope you can figure it out.