Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim loading screen models as Figurines

by brahdrahk May 26, 2015
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do these prints require supports?

By the look of it, definiteley.

if i wanted to print these at a 20mm size. What is the best way? Cura seems to be missing parts like the necks, and weapons. Would 20mm even work? thanks these look awesome BTW

repetier is al little more complicated but the new version has a repair function that should solve that

I'm having some troubles printing things with hanging parts (most of them). if I add supports it gets almost incredibly hard to give a good finish to the figure, if I don't, well, the hanging parts will fall.
Any of you have some advices to help me.
was using Cura and Slic3r to do the slice.

Thanks in advance

hi. if its a particular piece, you can import the model into a program like 3ds max, then export just the hanging piece, print out both, then use a soldering/hot glue gun without glue to melt the pieces together (be careful and make sure to clean the tool off after it cools a bit). if the piece is really small (like the draugr arrows) then you may have to scale it up or find a higher res printer to use. you could also try modifying the model in a program like 3ds max to beef up the particular piece (like making really thick arrows) and re exporting as stl. i did try that already but i still wanted to balance the beefing up with the original look so it could be thickened more if necessary

I am having issues printing a few of these. the spriggan and the dragonpriest mostly. the giant, werewolf, troll, and armor came out beautifully tho

depending on the scale, some parts may be too thin for your printer's resolution. if you dont want to print at a higher scale, you can open these in a 3d modeling program, add some thickness or a small block around the trouble area to remedy that, re-export as obj or stl, and reprint with the thickened part, then try sanding it to blend with the rest. although they would still be extremely fragile. ive had issues printing the arrows on the draugr but at a certain point, they stop being arrows and are just rods in his back so its a tradeoff of detail to strength and printability. desktop printing tech just isnt there yet. sorry.

or just activate "print thin walls" in cura, does the same but is easier and automatic.

These are really impressive. Well done! Like the hexagonal base.

Ya know. This past weekend I decided to dust Skyrim off and play it a little. During loading I thought to myself "I wonder if anyone has put 3d-printable loading screen models online?"

So today I type "Skyrim" in thingiverse. I was not disappointed. Awesome

Thanks! If I ever get my desktop computer working again, then I'll be doing the same thing for the fallout 4 models. Seems like some people were interested in that and the same process should work.

I am absolutely interested in this. Bless you for doing this, haha

video card on my computer is shot. getting a new one in a couple weeks. any requests, make them now. i'm going to try to bust out a bunch of new stuff in january

howdy -- thanks for all your work. If you are taking requests, how about the male High Elf (has a sword in right hand), the female Wood Elf archer and the female Imperial in armor. I am also interested in understanding the process in which you take these images and "fix" them for printing. I understand that its a fairly involved process to make the meshes "solid". May I ask what software you use?

i'll give those a try when i get my computer working, as well as the rest of the loading screen models, since i also had a request for the shrines. basically the process involves grabbing models from the game or finding them online, bringing them into 3ds max, possibly separating the models into individual pieces for better control, using a shell modifier on the pieces to add thickness, exporting the whole thing as a single stl, then sending it to a free microsoft service that checks for holes in the new models and caps them if necessary. i download the "fixed" models and then upload them here.

I love these models, do you think in the future you could do the same with fallout 4 loading screen models? I dont really know much about how this was done, i assume you took them from the game files?

i can give it a shot soon. i've been super busy in the last months which is why i stopped my other projects like the full printable master chief armor. its all similar process of ripping game models, fixing holes, adding inner structures for support and thickness so it should be fine to do the same with fallout 4. it may take me until mid december to get a chance to begin working on it since im still really busy.

This is incredibly awesome. If I had a 3D printer, I'd totally make them.

I'm looking for someone that can convert 2d artwork into 3d figurines.
Was wondering if you do commission work?


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that's not exactly what I do, but I can give it a try and you can evaluate a small sample if you have one in mind. send me a message with details/reference images for a sample if you want to try that

We are looking to have tap handles created in the images we've already had an artist do for our brewery.

Will be happy to give you more info privately,

This is amazing!
love to see more Skyrim Models!