Zelda's Bow with lights

by esseff3d May 27, 2015
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Any chance that you could update this model with the .stl for the battery box?

One thing I noticed is that your full body pieces don't have the magnet mounts in them. Should these be printed separately and then glued into the pieces?

Woops. I thought I made sure to export those together. I'll update the files later today and make sure the magnet mounts are there.

Awesome! Thank you!

I double checked those files, all of the ones in the ZIP have the magnet posts. The one STL in the Thing Files doesn't have it, but I just threw a file on there because I was required to have one. You should be all set!

So I took a closer look at it. If I import the full body STL file into Meshmixer or TinkerCAD, all of the magnet posts show up as separate objects from the main body. It's pretty bizarre. If I just open it in MB Desktop, the posts don't show up at all.

I could theoretically just put the posts where they need to be in Meshmixer or TinkerCAD, but I just thought I'd let you know that the magnet posts aren't actually in the same mesh as the body parts.

Weird. The posts were separate objects, but I had them all selected when I exported STLs from 123D Design, so they should have been the same mesh. And I had no problems printing them either. Would the 123D source file help you out?

this look simply amazing i love it. but what printer are you using that allows you to print that large?

Thanks! I'm using a Rostock Max v2. Each quarter of the bow is printed in 4 sections and then glued together. The pieces are still big, but I couldn't do half of the bow all at once on my printer.