Roboticarm V1 - Construction Info

by Juergenlessner May 27, 2015
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Hi, wie geht es dir? Ich verwende Google zum Übersetzen. Ich bin Student des technischen Kurses in Mechatronik in Brasilien. Ich frage mich, ob Sie die Dateien dieses Roboterarms in CAD (Inventor, Solidworks) haben. Könntest du teilen?

Great project, trying to compilate your code on my Arduino Mega, it triggers this error:

compilation terminated.

exit status 1
Compiling Error Arduino/Genuine Mega or Mega 2560 board .

Do you have added all he needed libraries?

My bad, already fixed all my libraries issues, one more question, can I connect the whole circuit without the PCA9685?

No because PCA9685 is the servo hardwarecontroller. Simply use Google to get infos about PCA9685.

como puedo conseguir la programacion ? de arduino mega?

Inglés o alemán per favor

Hello sir, I was checking your code and I have a question.
In the calculating eventhandler infos section.
There are the moveServo(0,0,curr0Pos)
I get that first digit represents the servo and the third item curr0Pos represent the current position of the servo.
Though I'm stump by the second digit because its direction but I don't know the different between 0 and 1.
Is 0 the clockwise direction and 1 the counter-clockwise?


The servos I used are working with signal pulsewidth and angles from 0 degrees up to 180 degrees

angle = zero degrees
define SERVOMIN 99 // this is the 'minimum' pulse length count (out of 4096) - tested MG 995 = 95 absolute HW min

angle = 180 degrees
define SERVOMAX 455 // this is the 'maximum' pulse length count (out of 4096) - tested MG 995 = 460 absolute HW max

If you want to control the direction you need a servo with an endless 360 degrees rotation.

Hii sir, I am making this robot arm. Can you give me arduino code for robot arm ?. Thank you so much

Code is still attached on thing files..

I can not find the code inside the thing files plz help :)

Dear Juergenlessner,

I tried to compile your sketch but there are some error related to Adafruit library. Please, could you send me the right library?
Thanks a lot

Im sure that you can find it here... https://github.com/adafruit

Dear Juergenlessner,

how can I find the shaft of 623ZZ bearing. Thk.

I used a M3 threaded rod

Hi, im completely new to the whole arduino stuff and my electronic skills and that good. I have a question for the power supply. My desktop power supply is able to provide 0-15V and 0-3Amp and i have printed all the parts except the turning base, so i use only 6 servos and i don't use the lcd pannel, only 6 potentiometers. Is my power supply strong enough? And wat voltage and Amperage should i use? Hope that you can help me!

I dont know which servos you took. Use the voltage from the datasheet of you servos and let it run. If the voltage falls under the value you set you will need a more powerful supply.

Awesome project! I'm currently working on a similar one, but it will be controlled through voice commands. I was just wondering where I could get a gripper, yours looks metallic and I can't seem to find an STL file, so I'm assuming you purchased it? Any info/help would be great, thank you!

3D printable robotic arm claw gripper

What an awesome project. Now to hook it up to a power glove and control it with hand movement.


Great idea!

But first I have to do some other projects, something like:

a robotrover with solarpanels and GPS and some nice gadgets more (like a marsrover but with much more intelligence)

a Quadcopter with radio video camera which climbs up to 6000ft (2km), and takes a video from there

a Segway (its for me :)

a CNC PCB milling machine

very nice! I also have that jitter problem with my servos, I think the only real way to fix it is to add more mass to the effector.


The robotcarm V1 is manual controlled. It moves stepwise with a little delay between the steps. Because of that it jitters.
To fix it, the the programming must calculate the movingtime between the steps and tune the delay exactly with it. But than there is an new problem, the arm is moving to fast because with no delay it moves with maxspeed.
So the crux is to find a balance between the moving speed and the jittering.
Currently Im working on such an algorhitm.