Anatomical Human Heart

by 517860 May 28, 2015
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This model, while beautiful and amazing and well done! is a complete mess mesh and normals wise I've tried slicing it in 5 different slicers including repetier host Slic3r and even makerbot. Each time it never sliced or had ridiculous errors or was slated 200+ hours to print.
Had to drag it into maya and blender to figure it out...

Yeah over half the nomals and faces are reversed or not watertight... took 12 hours to correct the thing.

Whenever I try to slice this file it just comes out a mess in the Simplify3d preview (the valves on the upper portion of the heart), anyone else have the same issue? Netfabb doesn't seem to fix the issue either

should I print this with supports ? i feel like the interior passages might not print well without it, but the supports would be very hard to remove... very good model !!!

Printed this is ABS but is missing several layers when I print it on our MOJO

Printed this in ABS but had issues with it missing several layers in mid print.

What did you change from the base model? Why is this a remix?

I'm curious as well. I want to try this print out in PLA.

Did you print this with PLA or ABS?