Gladius Sword -Full Size-

by samsve May 29, 2015
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Thanks for uploading this!

I modified the files in 3d Builder to remove the hexagonal interlocking parts and instead placed a 6mm hole through everything, to allow an M6 threaded rod and epoxy to hold everything together. That way, if kids hit things with it, the sword shouldn't break.

I used spray putty/primer then sanded and finished with Rust-Oleum Metallic spray paint.

If I did it again, I'd combine the blade and slice into only 2 or 3 pieces, to reduce the number of joints.

Like the Idea of a M6 rod for stability Could you send your files

I've done a remix: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3826096
I see that someone else also had the idea of adding a hole for a steel rod; I prefer mine as the blade is in only 3 pieces instead of 5 (you'll need a printer that can print at least 170mm high for mine).

Gladius Sword -Full Size- REMIX
Roman Gladius with center support

What model Gladius did you base this on if you don't mind saying.

I think I based it on a google image search on gladius sword. Can not remember anymore which of the pictures I used.

Great model, horrible puzzle idea though, the pentagons Don't fit into the corresponding holes tightly so you are left with A LOT of wiggle when you want to glue the, good for glue space, crap for having pieces glue straight (Like the blade)

I'd suggest increasing the hexagons or decreasing their holes so the fits are better.

Glad you like it!

Yeah I know, this one isn't that great since it was my first real model I made when I just started modelling. I suggest you make a remix of it if you have the time with better holes etc, I bet other people would enjoy it! ;)

I love this model I will be posting a video about the finished project soon on my youtube channnel: 3dp Kid.
Thanks so much.

im happy to say that im printing mine now im using 0.2 layer hight 15% infil and no supports


I used 5% infill on the blade 10% on the handle.
0.3 layer height.
no supports

Whatever floats your boat. I would recommend asking one of the people who printed it since I never printed it myself.

how long do you think this should take to print

i printed the handle in wood that took 4 hrs and the blade in pla that took about 8 hrs

How long is the longest piece?

I'd say about 110mm

This is BRILLIANT! I've always fancied the Roman Gladius, cannot wait to see what else you'll make! If you design a Katana or a Jian you'll be my hero haha

i wanted to down this for my makerbot but the STL file you show haveing the gladius split up is not avalible. can i get that?

I just uploaded all the files for you to download.

This is just absolute perfection wait, whats this, no scabbard time to bust out the leather working tools #handmadefortheblade...can some body make that a real hashtag i don't want a twitter...lol