RepRapDiscount Smart LCD Controller Support for Prusa i3

by clefranc May 8, 2013
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I missed that this has the SD card slot on the side

perfect print - but my card it at the top so I will have to cut it to make it fit

so watch where your SD Card is located on your panel as this design is for side mounted cards.

Thank you for uploading the Solidworks files!

I also had to make longer ribbons for this. Every once in a while artifacts started showing up on the screen.. sometimes unreadable. So, I wrapped my cables (separately) with aluminum foil a few wraps with a stripped wire along the length of it to act as a drain. Grounded the wire and no issues since. I secured the foil with electrical tape every few inches or so.

I love the design. I would love it even more if you made the supports in an 8mm version, since that's what my printer uses. :)

Only printed one of the backetrs for 8mm rods (that clefranc whipped up in a matter of hours), but it fits like a gloove. I am sure the otherone will be equally great.

I really like this design, nice job!
Are you able to make mounts for it to fit the sunhokey prusa i3 2015 model please? its the 6mm acrylic version - can email you photos and measurements if needed :)

Im just about to make a similar machine . Show me some pics with dims and ill do some mounts for you

Thank you Phil. Do you have an email i can send pics and dims to plz?

check your messages inbox

nice print. thanks for the effort.

Thanks. Prusa's own i3 cover in sdlprt comes handy!

Just printed this, had the same problem with the 10k pot on the back of the LCD board. I solved it by cutting out a chunk of the support so that it could slide over nicely. Maybe reprapdiscount is putting this larger pot on all their boards? That or Artaex and I both bought the same clone ;-)

Very happy with this - looks great and cleans up the machine really nicely. I'm also using the 8mm rods but this isn't an issue - am not planning on mounting this in front but just letting it stand to one side of the printer.

Awsome model! Im just running into a problem with it being front heavy and trying to fall over. Ill post some modified legs when I get to it.

Hi clefranc, thank you for your good design.
I'm using M8 rods too. Is it possible for you to upload an M8 variation?

Is it done with OpenScad? If so, could you upload the source? I'm able to change it to M8 variations.



I just broke off the potentiometer on the back of my PCB. Might want to increase the space between the PCB clamps and the support.

You mean R1? I really don't know how the bracket can damage it!

The contrast thing broke off.

Unless we have a different model, my contrast pot is only 2mm thick. Can you upload a photo? OK, just saw a picture on Google Image, you have the big blue square potentiometer, now I understand. Will try to update the bracket shape, from Google images...

It sticks out like 7mm

Is it just me that gets the Prusa letters mirrored ?

Nop, i also have it mirrored. I can not make it work.

I am using it on M8 thread rods with no any problems

the rods are M8 or M10? will this fit on a standard M8 i3?

I've updated the description.

Is made with OpenScad? can you publish the sources? I wanna make some cosmetics changes and could be easier with sources. Many thanx, good job.

I've sent a private message about this project. Reeally Nice ans usefull!!! Thanks!