"Braq" Jointed Dragon, fixed manifold now all parts with supports

by shadow651 May 30, 2015
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Thanks for this! I ran into all kinds of kisslicer errors on this initially!

You're welcome, I bugged the artist about this issue a few times, and I think I only got her to fix the head.

Just got fed up with it and posted fixed files.... I can't believe that Thingiverse actually featured it with such broken mesh files.... even if it is cool.

Be Warned this dragon is a pain to print - but a good way to find all of the issues with your printer if it's a RepRap or something you can modify

Thanks for this fix! Original wasn't very good in slic3r. Would be nice to have this as a remix of the original thing.

I'll probably go back and add all of the parts sometime soon.

Ok, now updated with all parts that contained supports.

If for some reason anyone wants the parts without supports let me know... I'll be happy to add them.

Thanks for doing that. I'm looking over the model in Blender to try to figure out what the issues are and may try to fix them right at the source. That will give folk the flexibility to generate their own STLs (ie. to print the model at 150%).

And I fully agree that this is a good model to cut your 3D printing teeth on. One needs a well-calibrated printer, decent quality filament (that has been kept dry), and a fairly in-depth understanding of your chosen slicing software. As an example, I had never used a brim before printing this model. That one technique will open a bunch of design doors.

Thanks! If you want to try and find the issues in Blender you're welcome to it... I'm not too familiar with it myself and didn't feel like taking the time to figure it out when I posted this :P ; and I figured scaling the STL's in printer software will give reasonable results for most people.

If using slic3r I'd recommend combining a brim with a raft (only needs to be a few layers). This way the brim is on the raft, and the raft easily separates from the print itself .
This way you don't have to do the complex (and annoying work) work of cleaning the brim off the print.

I'll try a brim and raft combo on my next print. That should allow the fan to start just as printing the actual parts begins.

What I meant by generating one's own STLs, was that the provided plates in this model are large enough that they would have to be broken up to fit on most printer beds, if scaled up much. There are other solutions than going back to Blender. But I want to figure out how to fix models in Blender, more for my own designs than random Thingiverse models.

For reasons I don't yet understand, the brim and raft combo didn't work. More precisely, the brim and raft worked fine, but the first layers of the actual print didn't stick to the raft. Not exactly sure why as of yet. It may be that the fan can't be used until after the first layer of the model is put down. It would also help if slic3r slowed down that layer as well, just as it does the first layer of the print.

Try changing some of the slic3r settings under 'Print Settings' --> 'Support material' --> 'Options for support material and raft'
You'll need to be in 'expert' mode to see these settings.

My guess is you might need to decrease the pattern spacing or the contact Z distance. Extruding a little hotter might also help.

Also how many raft layers are you doing? Slic3r typically wants to do 3 interface layers, so I'd do 5 layers for the raft.

If you're still having trouble posting a picture of the failure might help me give you some more specific advice.

Thank you! I was struggling with limited knowledge to get these printable!
Now I can finish the 2/3 printed dragon!

Glad to hear it, if you need any other tips or help with this let me know.

I'm still in the process of printing this myself, so I may or may not be able to help :P