FlashForge Creator Pro bed leveling jig

by xdod May 31, 2015
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So I just printed this part, and I am so confused on how this should be used. Is there someone that can explain this to me please?
I ran the FF Creator Pro bed level program. and noticed right away that the tool with indicator ran off the bed, and crashes into the top of the printer.

It sounds like everyone likes this tool, but I am confused.

Thank you!

Hello, I just wanted to mention that this is a nice build and a great addition to the tools to make my printer more accurate and reliable. The only thing I would say is that you should not be using the leveling wizard since the nozzle assembly moves to different locations when you have this unit on there. I just manually pushed the bed to a usable level with this tool and calibrated manually.

Love this. Worked great on my first level with it. I'll collect this under 'essential 3D printing tools' collection. The one I bought from Harbor Freight looked very much like this but was "Pittsburgh" instead of Cen-Tech, for about $29.

Sadly, I discovered that my brand new KNP3D has some issues with holes. Too small. Good thing I have a mini torch to help me resolve the issue. That sensor is fit SNUG!!

I did have to calibrate one point with paper, and then used that as the zero point everywhere else. It might have been wrong but it was level! I got lucky! A perfect print in the first try. With DUAL extruders going in DITTO Mode.

Awesome work.

Welp, this was the best tool I've ever printed. I've never gotten such an accurate level before. I can easily use the entire printing surface and I've been printing for 3 years and never could dial it in so well.

Dido this, thank you so much!

Will this work with other brands? The CEN-TECH online like amazon is 60$ so a bit out of my budget.

I'm a little confused. Yes I can level the bed but then the Z offset is too great. How do we make sure the is level and the distance between the nozzle is correct?

Yeah I'm not exact on it either once you mentioned nozzle distance. I assume what would be the best way is pick a point on the bed and raise it till its snug on nozzle point but not push against the bed. Place on the object and measuring device with a card or paper under it which would give you the number you are looking for? I'm going to get it today so we shall find out :)

The way I'm doing it is I'm using the business card to set the right distance between the build table and nozzle as usual. Then I slide the indicator and its rig to as close to the extruder's carriage as possible and zero it there, or just note that measurement. From there, I make sure the two other points above the leveling screws are at that same measurement, or zero respectively, and do this once more for the front screw.

Thanks mate !!
(FF Creator Pro)

This is a great little part! Thanks! I no longer have to bend my neck in weird positions to see the nozzles.

Took a few hours to print with PLA, 20% infill and default ReplicatorG speeds.

Thanks for this jig, it works very nicely. I printed it on its side to save needing supports. It should work with any dial indicator having a standard .375" shaft and at least 1" travel. I have two analog (Craftex and Shars) and one digital (iGaging) indicator and they all fit equally well. Of course, analog indicators allow more precise readings so that's what I prefer to use. I first adjust one setpoint with a feeler gauge to get the correct nozzle clearance and then use this to measure its depth and set the rest. I also used it to quickly confirm my suspicion that my bed isn't perfectly flat (0.002" high in the centre). I would strongly recommend attaching the indicator before placing this on the rails though because it's a good tight fit and applying that much force to the rails is not a good thing.

@pcman "I would strongly recommend attaching the indicator before placing this on the rails though because it's a good tight fit and applying that much force to the rails is not a good thing."

Thank you for the info and the tip! I'll do that next time I level. Happy New Year!

Other than minimizing the complexity or print time. Is there a particular reason you chose to offset the dial indicator mounting hole near one of the rails instead of dead center between them?

No, not really. It helped to minimize the print because I was able to combine the part surrounding the hole into the part holding the bar. Otherwise I would have had to move it over and possibly add some more bulk to the area surrounding the hole to make it sturdy. Either way should work. Feel free to mod and provide any improvements. I'm always open to suggestions.

Actually I think the design is spot on. The offset for the dial indicator avoids the track and puts the actual probe much closer to the area where the hotend will touch. I like how heavy it is as it helps keep it connected to the bar nicely. Thanks for sharing this!

Thanks for the input. Happy Thanksgiving!