motorcycle chain lubricator

by mrpenn May 31, 2015
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How do you handle printing supports for the main part? Sorry I'm new to 3D printing.

I'm using slic3r PRUSA edition on my PRUSA Mk3.

I assume the object should be rotated 90deg on X axis prior to print so that its printed on its side too?

Also seeing something strange when I preview the object in slic3r. It seems to have excluded a section of layers towards the top of the object...

It looks like you could add support for the first 50 or so layers if you printed on its side. But still seeing the issue with the missing section after I import to slic3r, rotate 90 deg on X and export gcode file.

This is a good idea, but the lubricant is directed on the outside of the chain, which is not ideal. The proper place to direct the lubricant is between the plates on the top of the inside of the chain. As the chain spins the centrifugal force moves the lubricant deep in between the plates and inside the o-rings (if it has o-rings). This also needs to be available in different widths to accommodate different chain sizes. The Grease Ninja meets both the above criteria, so it is a better solution. The other problem with this design is that different lubricants come in different size cans, so this may not fit your lubricant of choice.

It looks huge while printing, i think i should have scaled it down - or are 106x23x45.5mm the right dimensions?

Now i can add, it sits a Little loose, i guess that depens from spray can to spray can

i have print one at 0.1 layer but the pipes dont work :(

i printed mine at 0.1 layer 30 inner shell speed 20 outer shell speed hot end at 190 degrees in pla it works realiy well

Reminds me a bit of the Grease Ninja (http://www.greaseninja.com/). Which I own, use and it's kinda just alright. It does what it says but it's kinda a pain to use. I like where you're headed with this!

This part needs bigger, clearance on the chain it gets snagged while moving across the chain. it applied chain lube brilliantly but also applied it well to my drive. i will post a new design for this part that fixes these problems.

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not sure mate i only designed it last night it sprays with a good amount of pressure

Will it get clogged if I use it with chain wax lube?