Kossel carriage with implant screw support for belt tension and endstop trigger adjustable

by 3DPW Jun 1, 2015
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great design, do you have the step file ? I would like to do a 9mm belt version

this design is a long time ago. i can't find the step file.

Are the screws implants crucial? Will it break without them?

To use the flange nut to tight with the carriage (print part) with reverse direction

Nice design.

Could you possibly add also an stl file for endstop with M4 hole? This one has M3 hole.

I didn't have M3 screws, so had to drill the hole into M4.

just printer these great work i used plain nuts it simple to hold them . but a version with nut pockets would be very cool . the setscrews in the belt pillars is a top idea . im using these on wheeled sliders

thanks for comment

i would love a remix for the mgn9h the bolt pattern is 16x16mm centered in the carriage. or the cad files to try to modify them myself.
i need a mgn9h carriage for a delta my daughter is making for her science project. it must have an adjustable end stop screw and self locking belt lugs like yours. we already have the mgn so we are locked into that form factor. its using 1515 extrusions (Openbeam) and the part .stl selection is not great.
fyi i found a great MGN dimension chart here:

though the link is for mgn 12, there is a nice refrence chart to the whole series on the page.

I will modify a MGN9H version when I have time. Just for your information that MGN9H price is higher than MGN15H.

What do the "carriage implant screw"'s do? The screw from the back through to the front, but why? Just for strength?

correct. just for stronger structure purpose.

I love these -- they fit my belt better than any of the other kossel carriages, however it would be way better if it had nut pockets for the delta arm pivot pins. I printed a set and couldn't use them because I don't have a wrench that will fit in there and I wanted to use Nylocs which actually have a wrench.


Thanks for feedback. However it has hut design for the pivot screw. I just forgot to mention it (already add). Please use M3 flange nut insteat of nylocs. Please try.

Same thing with me printed but cant use them because of no nut traps and i dont have flange nuts, difficult to find in canada.

you don't really need flange nuts. regular nut works too.