Rifle Wall Hanger

by Crashin_Machines Jun 3, 2015
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Nice Collection !Mosin Nagant, K31, K98k and Lee Endfield right? =D

Damn wish I saw these before I made my Mosin/rifle hooks, I searched Thingiverse a bit too before designing. I think they need to improve their search engine. I really like the emblems, mine might use slightly less plastic, but when it comes time to buy a house it'll be these that go on my wall.

That straight pull Swiss looks like it could use a sweet sight rail. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:482616

Schmidt & Rubin Model 1911 K11 Rifle Drill and Tap Scope Mount

Will it hold up a Winchester yellowboy (1872)

I just added a file with a "v" notch in it that should be better for narrower rifles.

The notch is a 2.25" diameter circle, so any rifle less than 2.25" wide will fit in it. How well it will hold it depends on its thickness. I put my Henry 22 in there and it wants to lean because it is so much thinner than the notch. What is the rifles width?

What year is your K31 it looks in pretty good shape?

It has a 1951 manufacturing date. I just got it yesterday from Aim and felt the need to display it in my office so I made these mounts. The metal is perfect and so is the bore. Only bit of corrosion I can spot is on the barrel bands and its just on the surface, no cancer. I am going to soak those in vinegar and try to get the corrosion off.