by oraltosun May 10, 2013
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Tried importing the STL into blender and cheetah. Didn't work in either. Anyone else having this problem?

I am intrigued by this eagle, But I can't get it to print either, I am not as computer literate as others. It is only printing one side of the Eagle, this is try number 4, Left side appears all there but the right side is not there at all, Bill


I printed it with my Up! Mini without problem.I gave it to my cousin as a gift. I printed it in small dimensions. (approx. 6 cm tall).
I suggest print it big. Because there are a lot of detail in the wings.
You might be try that to cut the model in half and print it in two parts.
I think the height of the model should be at least 20 cm.
I hope it helps.

Thank you for posting an interesting model. It really looks nice.

However, I have had a lot of trouble trying to print it and or working with it in CAD. Here is what Rhinoceros had to say...

Mesh has 144 non manifold edges.

Mesh has 77 duplicate faces.
Skipping face direction check because of positive non manifold edge count.

Important things to consider with this mesh:
Mesh has 64 naked edges. Although this does not necessarily mean that the mesh is bad,
naked edges can cause problems if the ultimate goal is STL output.

Mesh has 244 pairs of faces that intersect each other. Although this does not
necessarily mean that the mesh is bad, it can cause problems if you're doing mesh boolean operations with it.


Thank you for your comment. Yes , it is a hard model. But i could print it without problem with my Up Mini. It is better to print it big. For example on a larger plate than 12 x 12 x 12 cm .
It is also true that there might be some faults in the model. I just downloaded it from 3D warehouse and export it as STL , repaired it on Netfabb and printed. Everything went well in my printing process.
Sorry for inconvenience.