CLASP | A Simpler Watchband

by ibudmen May 12, 2013
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Just a quick comment for anyone having issues with layer offset due to how thin the walls are: try adding a wide (say, 5mm) brim around the base. Really improved the print quality for me.

This is great! It's holding my Casio F-91W together after the old strap broke. It works well in PLA and the 0% infill makes it a bit flexible too. It's also more comfortable than the old strap that came with the watch, and doesn't fall off during sports. It doesn't take long to print and it's way more secure than you would expect - It seems flimsy to look at because it's thin but it works really well.

I had a bit of trouble working out the strap length. For anyone struggling with the size to choose in the customiser, measure round your wrist and note down the number, then subtract the length of your watch face. Finally divide by 2 x Pi. Use this number or the nearest size up for 'length of strap'.

Any chance for 20 cm?

Thanks for sharing this!
Anyone printed this using flexible filament? Does the clasp hold well in such filament?

Why is the minimum size in customizer 22cm? Some of us have skinnier wrists.
Am I missing something?

yea I have a 15cm wrist :/ I was really hoping to make this but I guess not.

I really like this watchband. It dries off faster than the rubbery one that came with the Pebble and it seems to wear better than the leather one that came with the Pebble Time Steel. My only suggestion is to reduce the thickness around the pins. My nozzle is around 0.4 mm, which leaves a gap between the outside and inside rings of the pins when printed at the default 1mm thickness. This gap leads to bad prints for me around the pins and eventual separation of the inner barrel. I'm reducing this to 0.8mm by changing "pin_radius+1,pin_radius+1" to "pin_radius+0.8,pin_radius+0.8". (two occurrences in the code)

Comments deleted.

Very nice. I normally wear an XXXL watchband, which are hard to find in a style I can stand. This I can stand, and I can get it in colors as well. Thank you!
I think 2mm may be to much subtract, and will experiment with that when I build a second one.

How can I increase the thickness of the band? Slic3r has issues with it being so thin

Actually its okay, found it!

For those using Slic3r under 'module band()' change the 'scale([0.97,0.97,1.1])outband();' 0.97's to a lower number 0.95 worked for my 0.3mm nozzle.

Is anybody have some bugs with Pronterface /Slicr3 ?
I can't make my 17cm wrist size watchband for my pebble. I only have one (bad) part insteat of two.

The "wide body" strap design for the Pebble watch on Kickstarter (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1171859847/wide-body-straps-for-pebble)http://www.kickstarter.com/pro... was well received. Could a similar alternative Clasp with a 22 cm "pin" part and a 30 cm "band" part be posted?

Of course I meant mm rather than cm.

I'm going to make some updates this coming week, keep an eye out!

Is the idea to snap the connector shut or bend it sideways and slide it in? Both ways seem prone to breakage.

The idea is to slide in, there is less bend then you might suspect making the band surprisingly durable. Especially when printed in ABS.

This looks cool! I'm thinking about printing one. What units are you using for "length of strap"? Does that number refer to an actual measurement, or is it relative?

'Length of strap' refers to the radius of the cylinder the script it is creating, so in the case of a 22mm size it creates a cylinder with a diameter of 44mm. The strap is generated at the perimeter of the cylinder.

Looking forward to printing this out. Curious to try it with NinjaFlex and see if I can make it stiff enough to hold...

If you get the urge to update the script, might I suggest replacing "length of strap" (which is actually a radius, not a length) with "wrist measurement" or "wrist circumference"? That is something that is easily measured. Mine is 195mm, just as an example. You can then calculate strap radius internally as:

wrist_circumference = 195; // from user
// BELOW is internal calculation, not exposed to customizer:
pin_to_pin = 42; // see other comments in this thread -- may differ between Pebble and Pebble Time, I'm not sure...
strap_circ = wrist_circumference - pin_to_pin;
strap_rad = (strap_circ / 3.14159265) / 2;
// continue on with code from before.

So, if my wrist is approx 165mm around, should I pick size 26? that's a 52mm dia cylinder, with a perimeter of approx 163mm - does this script take into account the 42mm pin-to-pin measure on the pebble?

Of course! Thanks for the explanation. And the strap. Which is awesome. (Congratulations on being featured!)

Whats the name of that watch? It's really interesting.

It is a Pebble smartwatch. I just printed this watchband for mine, actually.

Since I have a Pebble, I have to ask - what measurements did you use to fit the Pebble?

22mm width on the Pebble, I measure between the two holes where the spring bar fits -- the script then subtracts 2mm from the width so that you can fit the watch band in place. So a 22mm width results in a 20mm wide Clasp