Automatic Print Ejector - The Punching Machine

by MatterHackers Jun 9, 2015
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This thing just made my day. That is all

Hey I'm hoping you could help me out with manual controls. I would really like to do this project but would need to have manual control over the execution. Do you think you could help me out.
I don't have pololu but I have and arduino as well as raspberry Pi.

legit! I have been wanting to make something like this with my old novint falcon. I think I am just going to print the glove and put it on the falcon robot.

it should be called the Projector :)

No no no, the Penetrator.

For small parts, this would pass over them. Was a scraper considered?
I found one http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:16719 .

I read hackaday... How was the punch triggered? This device gets the gcode of the print
and the slicer (maybe cura) includes the gcode? So you modified your ramps to call the
other puncher marlin board? (This kinda makes sense...)

I'm going to try with a scraper and see... But if anyone has knowledge already...

Crystallized Dihydrogen Monoxide Eradication Device (Ice Scraper)

Awesome - let us know if the scraper works, should be ok!

Basically you add a G42 command to the end of your gcode, then when the modified firmware sees that it runs the extra stepper motor.

You can find more here: https://hackaday.io/post/17860
or Here: https://hackaday.io/project/5023-automatic-print-ejector/log/24700-lasers

If I used this on my UP! + it would DESTROY the bed leveling.
In fact, I'm thinking any printer that has manual bed leveling through the platform would be whacked out of level.

Would be an AWESOME 'cube farm' toy, to keep people away from my mouse / keyboard!!!

Do you celebrate Fool`s Day not in April?

Send video demonstration please

i always wanted one , i pictured it more like a snowplow, im glad you made it

This made my day as well!

hahaha, this just made my day.

Instead of featuring this thing, couldn't MakerBot just license its patented thing-conveyer. Or sell an aftermarket version?

i need this to be motion activated once my printer is off so it can discourage my cats from thinking my print bed really does mean bed.

hahaha, add a motion sensor and BAM

Funny! I could use this to wake my wife up in the morning.

The best thing I have seen all week. Great job!!!

hahahaha i will make this just for the nuisance value :D

How does it work with Flexible Filament prints? :) Cool.

ahaha. great work bro! xD

Very funny idea :D

hilarious, love it!

This reminds me so much of a Wile E. Coyote like invention...

cute build, but just wait for the build platform to cool and the prints pop loose on my my maker farms glass bed. Also use fructis hairspray...

Nice, job, but OMG, so much like this: 0.30 into the clip :

Can not take your video seriously as the same spool of dark blue filament was loaded for each of the different coloured prints?????

It wouldn't work on my Rep2, the parts would just block the punch and nothing would happen :(

That and the spool didn't rotate either.

agreed. Seems to me like the part is just set in place prior to the punch "removing" it from the plate.

Good job guys, looks cool.

That would be quite funny. If the 3D printer, I am using, was mine I would totally print this. I wonder if you have anything is easily remove supports or rafts?

I was just kidding when i said i needed this on Twitter. This is hilarious, but I don't have room for it

Ok, so your video just made me spit coffee all over my laptop.... Well done MatterHackers, well done.

hey this much fun....

Thanks! That is the idea. Fun meets functionality.