Hollow Calibration Pyramid

by SpierceTech May 24, 2011
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Parametric Hollow Lattice Pyramid

Nice! Thank you for sharing your design!!

Great model! I made something similar that is parametric.

Parametric Hollow Lattice Pyramid

What size is the pyramid you made?


So answer me this...why in the heck would the left front and back supports have rough inside edges, where the right front and back supports print perfectly (inside and out)?

Because your cooling fan is attached on the left side of your head so the left part receive overall "less" cooling than the right part of the piece?

Nevermind...........just perfected the print using WoodFill :D

Nothing like realizing you absolutely need a cooling fan!

Great little object, thanks. Very satisfying to print it string free with working retraction on a bowden using printer. 8-)

How do i go about configuring this too print well? Like what parameters would I change to improve the print for this model?

Came out pretty well! First attempt of the model on a MakerGear Mosaic. (Of course, lots of other prints died first in the name of calibration ;) ). .2mm layer height, 1.75mm PLA.

Looks great, awesome job! :-D

Man, I must have printed about 20 of these, but I think I finally got a respectable print. :D

made it 2day. looks good. some blobs on the inside of the 4 "sides" but the outsides are nice and the top goes to a 1mm circle

pyramid power!! :P

This is a really great object to use as a calibration piece, especially if you have a Bowden extruder.

I have printed 8 of them and spotted many issues with my settings that a simple calibration cube does not highlight.


Yes your right this is great for calibration. I also have a bowden. besides retraction I noticed that the higher the print head goes in the z, the more the tip starts to dig into the plastic. What setting should I change to make the print head go higher with every layer? Thanks!

Thanks Rich! I designed this thing to test my HBP settings on my T-O-M. I was getting poor quality on overhanging sections of parts near the surface of the HBP. This object allowed me to test different setting to achieve better print quality.