Trapezoid Screw Thread Module: Extrude-Transform Polygons

by syvwlch May 24, 2011
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cool! both the library and the anaglyph!

I think this would be very good as a library.

I've wanted to make screw type things, and having it already dones makes it that much simpler.

What I do for my triangle patches is, I always provide everything in counter clockwise order. Only very last "PlaceTriangle" deals with reversing that order as OpenScad wants it in clockwise order. th
at seems to work for me.

After a while, you start visualizing the polyhedron in your head and you get most of them right. ThrownTogether mode shows the bad ones in violet, which helps debug, at least if you commented which triangles were which as you build them. ;-)

Started on the library version. :-)

I'm soooo stealing this methodology to make a Ned-to-STL toolpath that doesn't depend on OSX!!!