60mm fan to flex hose

by MiseryBot May 24, 2011
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Nice design, fits perfectly.

Due to space constraints I need one of these with a 90 degree bend.
I’m going to try and design one on Fusion 360. What did you use to design yours and how did you do the threads.


It is made in OpenSCAD. If you've ever done any programming it might be pretty easy for you to pick it up. If you're completely unfamiliar with programming it might be best to either recreated in the cad program of your choice or try to import the STL and then modify that.

Thanks, I appreciate the info.

I printed one for my ABS ventilation box but I'm having a heck of a time finding the right 1.5" hose to go with it.

The hose I used is Flexaust LT, 1.5":
Eeek! It's hella expensive !

Maybe you can search for something less expensive?

Or mod it to use a vacuum hose:

Or get a vac hose from a thrift store ;-) and mod it for that.

Wow! That is indeed steep! Was hoping to just use some dryer hose (3 or 4"). I found a design that would fit the bill but it's currently set up for 40mm fans:

I'm not able to design stuff yet. Just a printer at this point. Played with tinkercad but despite being AutoCAD-based it doesn't seem like I can do much with it except stretch. I want something that i can take an .STL, chop it up and go to town.

Replicator Hood fume extractor

Is this for enclosure ventilation?
How are you powering it?

where can i buy these ?

Just grab the STL and print one on your 3d printer :)

You can have ShapeWays ( http://www.shapeways.com/http://www.shapeways.com/ ) or another shop ( http://www.alphaprototypes.comhttp://www.alphaprototypes.com ) do it $$ or see if you can find someone who has a printer to print one for you.

nice thing! Did you match the fan for this size of tubing, or is it just what you had on hand? Looking at the fan I get the impression that the swept area of the fan is much smaller than the area of the tube. That might not be a bad thing, your airflow in the tube will be slower than through the fan.

I had a 60mm fan on hand I planned to use.

The tubing just seemed "about right", big enough to move some air, quite flexible, and small enough to sneak through an open window.

I originally had a lower performance fan (from my big drawer of fans), but the airflow would drop really bad when the shroud and hose was connected. I sorted all th
e Digi-Key fans by static pressure and noise and this is the one that came out on top.

So I am basically just shooting from the hip.

Where did you get your Spring.scad from ?

Sorry, I left that out. Attached now. Spring.scad is just a slight modification from the standard spring scad module.