Customizable LM8UU graphite impregnated bronze bushing adapter

by AndrewBCN Jun 13, 2015
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Thanks for good Idea. I design holder for similar bushings for my table here

Y table on Bushings

When going from bearings to bushings you have to be much more careful about alignment. Bushings will not give you any help and if they are misaligned even slightly you will get a lot of resistance.
Do not compare/test a single bushing vs a single bearing, test e.g. the entire x carriage w/3-4 bearings against the same with bushings.
One trick that can help is to print in ABS and then use acetone to soften the plastic a lot, then run a burn-in cycle with lots of movement while the ABS hardens.

I agree with you 100%, alignment is MUCH more critical with bushings than with linear bearings. The acetone idea is a good one I think, I may have to try it soon. Thanks.

What size are those bushings so I can narrow the search for them?

These are id=8mm, od=10mm, len=12mm.

Not finding them. Finding 8x12x10. No 8x10x12. You have a JDB number? Thanks

A quick search for "10pcs Wear-Resisting SF-1 Self Lubricating Bearing Bushing" will get you there! :)

Perfect! got em now..Thanks