Majora's Mask "HD-Mini" (3mm LEDs)

by lucidhack Jun 13, 2015
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is there a video of putting it together?

Hey man, fantastic model. Printed all the parts but my printer struggles to print multiple small items together. Could you post the individual horn files so I can print them one by one?


Do you have any code prepared yet for this model?

Happy to do the hunting and find the code you referred to, but just wondering.


Wow, this is exactly what I was looking to do myself! Ran into the high resolution wood grained version and planned to edit the model in order to create a wearable electronic out of it. Have you made any extra progress on the horn reshaping?

Sadly, no progress on the updated horns. It's still on my "to-do" list. I have a full-size version 4 "HD-Mega" mask in the works, and plan to release updated horns with that model. It uses 5mm NeoPixel LEDs, and seems to be generally life sized. The horns will be interchangeable with the HD-Mini version after scaling. Unfortunately I seem to be fully engaged for the next few months, so these will most likely remain on the back burner for now. Glad you liked the model!

The NeoPixel LEDs are extremely bright and fantastic to use. Slap a small atmega chip somewhere in there and you can easy add in LED animation affects. Would be cool to see something created to emulate how the mask looks during the final fight scene. Can't wait to see the updated version though!

Yes, I'm a huge fan of the NeoPixels! I went ahead an posted the larger 5mm LED "HD-Mega" version. I've printed the model, but that's about it. It's still in a very early development stage and I haven't really been able to document the build process yet.


Majora's Mask "HD-Mega" (5mm LEDs)

Incredible! The model is great, (and I’ll be printing it off eventually) but what I loved was your attention to detail in the explanation of its full creation. BRAVO, Sharing expertise of the whole process from start to finish and not just the file itself was generous, helpful, clear and informative. You sir, win Thingiverse.

Thank you, I had a lot of fun working on it. This model definitely improved my limited CAD skills....

Theres no stand file. Could you please upload it? I'm really happy with the build quality, I'm just waiting on parts to do the lighting. Thanks so much

Glad your build turned out OK. The desk stand has been updated and uploaded. There is now a wall mount option as well. Both options are two part assemblies. Refer to the 6th render to determine part placement. Then glue the two parts together. The mask will sit/rest on the three prongs, and be easily removable.

Man, this is cool. Hopefully you'll post pictures of the finished product!

Thanks, I'm excited to see how it turns out. I'm building this thing now, and will upload photos of the build process as I complete each step.

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how large are the mask pieces

Updated the "Thing" instructions with dimensions.

Looking good.

Only you uploaded all the horns still in the solidworks file
some people wont be able to open it

Ooops, my mistake, it was late (or early).

That also explains why the Thingiview display never updated...

I replaced the horns with STL files. Thanks