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Acrylic RGB Retro Nixie Digit; Acrylic laser cut, WS2812 Strip

by Folker Jun 14, 2015
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ok I'm fixed - please load "nixie1.svg"

I am getting errors with the svg file. There are two images it is linked to, not embedded, and those images are no longer reachable.

Can you fix this please?

Hi there, the construction of the unit / layering of the pieces isn't clear. Do you have all the digits tightly sandwiched together (with a blank spacer?) or are there gaps between them. Many thanks...

Great work! Looks pretty nifty :).

I've always been interested in nixie(-like) displays and would love to realize some project with that kind of stuff. Do you own laser cutting/-graving equipment?

CRONIXIE the LED Nixie clock ; WS2812; CRONIOS Modul
by Folker

SVG-File added ! Have fun!

I love this but I don't have Corral draw,

Please can you save it in an 'open' format?



6x Nixie RGB Digi-Dot Clock or Calendar or Counter
by Folker

new stuff uploaded..

great idea!
if i had a laserengraver, i would make me one too.

you could selling kits.