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iPhone 6 Dock w/ Integrated Apple Watch Charging Station

by Nowhereman999 Jun 14, 2015
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bastante erro no fatiamento mais nada q nao de pra reparar!


is this compatbile with an iphone SE?

I liked the design and it looked pretty good when it came out of the printer, but all of the openings were too small. The cables would not fit, the iWatch charger was too large, and I had a devil of a time getting the iPhone charger in. After drilling, carving and sawing I gave up. Anyone have any ideas on what I might do to improve it?

Great Work! I love this design and used it every day for my iPhone 6.
Would it be possible, to resize it from your side to fit for an iPhone X?
Thank you!

Thanks for the design. It works really fine!
Right now I'm trying to modify in order to use a cover with my phone, because doesn't fit.

Is it possible to do it for the iPhone 5S too?

Wie lange dauert es, bis das fertig ist?



Wie groß ist das Teil in cm?


Will this work with the new iPhone 7? thanks

I have a spigen case on my iPhone. Is it compatible?

I made one, and it worked out great!

Using HIPS, 200 micron height, 30% infill, the raised back behind the phone snapped off after a while. It snapped at the level of the rest of the cup that holds the phone. The phone still sits in the stand, but material or infill might have been wrong for the print. Alternatively, some kind of ribbing could be added to the back, or even a fillet or chamfer behind the backing where it widens.

Edit: Also, the watch charger cable doesn't like staying in the channel. I'm not sure how it could be changed to help. I just push the end into place, and the rest hangs out the back.

Should I print it with supports.

I have an iPhone 6 Plus, it would be nice to have the watch & Phone charge together like that. Has anyone modified this to support the larger 6 Plus/6s Plus?

Here is an exact same thing, just made to fit the 6+,

iPhone 6 Plus Dock w/ Integrated Watch Charging Station

It stopped 3 times at about 1cm height... do you know how can I resume it? I am using MatterControl 1.5 and Robo3D R1 +plus

Love this item. Thank for the advice on the software

Can I ask how you modified the STL files? I am trying to make this model fit my phone when it is in its case.


Modifying STL files can be done by importing them into a 3D modelling program, an awesome free one is called Blender which is what I used to modify the original version of this STL. All 3D modelling software has a learning curve to it, there are tons of tutorials on the internet for Blender. If you are into 3D printing, it is really a good idea to learn 3D modelling, at least enough to tweak STL files.

Once you make your modifications you can export it back out to an STL file and print it and share it with the world... :)

Thank you. I'll try blender. I know solidworks and inventor pretty well but the student versions lack the Extra packages needed to wotk with stl files (you can import them but you can't Modify the surface without getting a whole bunch of zero thickness errors


Can you maybe create a version for the 6S? It's a tiny bit thicker (7.1mm vs 6.9mm).
Would be much appreciated!


Hi Björn,

I suggest you simply print the entire model a tiny bit bigger to make it fit the 6S, I think all slicing software will allow you to scale your model before you print it. Scale it up by 7.1/6.9 = 1.03 or 103% and it should fit the iPhone 6S. If the width is still the same (I haven't checked out the specs yet) you could try only scaling in the Y direction. That isn't much of a difference and it shouldn't make a noticeable difference for the watch charger section or the wires.


How much filament does this use to produce one of these?

depends on your printers settings...

Is it just me, or are the supports impossible to get off without a ton of sanding on the watch base?

I use Simplify3D as my slicer. It was a little costly, but it has some great features that no other slicers have. Such as manually adding support to the 3D model, only where you want and the support that it creates is super easy to break off and leaves very little marks on your model.

Another thing, maybe you are printing hotter than you need too, and the support you are printing is melting into the base more then it should.

Question How would i make it so my phone with a case would fit? my case Product Dimensions: 3.8 x 1 x 7 inches ; 3.5 ounces. Thank You in advance!

Could you post the STL files for the split design (like the original one had). It is easier to print the watch portion on its side and separate from the phone portion.


Sorry I only modified the original combined version. I didn't modify the separate parts of the original iPhone 6 Plus version. Maybe you can find some software to slice this version into parts yourself.

Cool! I like the added logo. People were definitely asking for the regular iPhone version.

Thanks for the original design. :)

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