Z Axis Bearing Support

by epideath May 26, 2011
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I will probably be making some of these. Do they still work properly after 5 months of use?

Well I can say that they are still working fine. But keep in mind i'm not printing on them all day either, or even every day. But i don't see any failures or cracks. I haven't had to change my z home setting so I will assume that there is no fatigue either.

Are the 3x8x3 mm bearings from the Makerbot store?

I actually had purchased some from VXB http://www.vxb.com/http://www.vxb.com/ but some have gotten them from Ebay. I'm not sure if Makerbot sells them or not, but they are not a standard part on the ToM.

This made the Z-Axis travel VERY smooth. The ABP not fitting is a small issue. I am thinking of attaching a small stop block to the back of the X Stage that will cause it to stop short of the Y Axis endstop. Not sure if this is a good idea or not -- sacrificing about 22mm of Y axis travel for the ABP builds. I guess I need to know how big the bucket of octopi is before I make my decision. Worst comes to worst, I can always take the supports off.

My only suggestion is the the arches in the corners need to be about 5mm higher to get the bolt in easily.


I will make the modifications for the arch, yeah it was a pretty tight fit. Also because i don't have the ABP I really didn't think about the size. I can make some modifications to the support sizes if you think it is possible, with out weakening it too much.

Great Idea and I like the fact it's printable. The only downside it this will interfere with anyone using the ABP as it sticks out behind the build platform (the long acrylic sides and back roller). I think the tube mod takes less forward area in front of the rods (I was able to dremel the acrylic and still use the ABP without crashing into the tubes-but just barely). It does work just fine though with the HBP only as you have shown. Again, this isn't a flaw of your design, it a problem with space in the bot in the first place.

Nice job!!!!

Yeah I should have mentioned that I will edit the text above. I don't use the ABP and didn't even think about how it would fit with that. Thanks for the input.

Still very cool!

Very awesome something I will look into doing!