Froggy: the 3D printed ball-jointed frog doll

by loubie Jun 15, 2015
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Just got my printer and my daughter gave me the first order for printer time. Froggy's a hit!

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Can you use wire instead?

Hello, your froggy is beautiful, we printed a robotics, which we put on our Politronica site.
now we take care of a lamp printer, maybe you might be interested.
thanks bye

Merci beaucoup ! Thank's

AWE! SO FREAKIN AWESOMELY CUTE!!!!!!!!!! :) LUV THEM!!!!!!!!!!!! awe

Saw these at MRRF when we met, so glad these are up finally. Time to print one out of Ultimachien purple PLA


A purple Froggy would be grand.

that is so cute. and so sweet. great job!

Wow! What a wonderful creation! CONGRATULATIONS as a CREATOR! The possibilities of this technique are amazing.


Hi again thanks, I did it, I will post it soon, to improve instructions there is missing items in the "items to print" list:

  • elbow 2x
  • hand_ball 2x
  • left_thigh 1x
  • right_thigh 1x

Thank you - I have updated the documentation. I appreciate your feedback.

Tips, if you print it with ABS you can use a recipe with acetone and waste abs parts. I't simple, strong and fast.

Hi, at first thanks for this incredible work!
I have almost printed all parts, but I have an issue with this part: finger_middle.stl
When I load it in Simplify3D all seems to be ok, but when I print it there is a gap in the first 1/3 of it, I can see this gap in the preview of Simplify3D. Maybe I should try with Repetier

I have used stl repair service from Microsoft (online) and now it's ok I can print this part without problem.

And, of course, I look forward to seeing your make. Thank for taking the time to print Froggy:-)

Yes I think I should by able to assemble it today.
Thanks to you!

I don't have Simplify3D, so I can't reproduce the issue. I know that it slices in Slic3r, as specified in my documentation. I would be interested to see if the issue persists with finger_combined_decimated.stl. Thanks for the feedback.

I have just tried, with finger_combined_decimated.stl there is no issue!

Realy amazing model, I'm printing it right now. You could add file with complete eye, I connect it in Repetier to one model and solve color by pause and filament switching. I this case, there is no need for glue.

Yes, that is another way to achieve the same result. Thank you:-)

Is it held together with string on the inside or are the joints press-fit? Or is it a combination?

If they're press-fit, how did you design them? Manually or is there a way to do it automatically with Solidworks? I should think it was really tedious if you did it by hand.

Also, what are the slots in the ball joints for, to allow them to compress so you can press fit the ball joint into the socket? Or for string to be run through the joint to keep it together?

The instructions have diagrams and a description of how the model is strung together. There are no snap together parts.

There is no ball joint generator in Solidworks - everything is done by hand. How the ball joint is designed is going to depend on the doll design and what sort of articulation you want for the joint. The slot allows the string to move, it can also be used to limit movement.

Fortunately, one person's tedious is another person's "interesting to design and figure out":-)

Oh, the neck ball is threaded and not strung.

This guy is awesome. I will be starting it soon.

Fantastic work! I'm curious - what do you design in (SketchUp, Rhino, etc?) No matter how you did it, great work.

I used Solidworks and Maya but that was really overkill. You could make this doll in Blender alone, providing you had planned the parts in advance.

Froggy appreciates your appreciation:-)

It would be great if you could release source files and a derivatively license, so that others can learn from you like you learnt from Sonia

Not for this doll, but possibly for the next doll I make, where I'll make a point of using open source software (like Blender, for example) that everyone has access to. Besides which, I was able to learn from Sonia by looking at the STLs alone, so there is really nothing stopping anyone from doing the same with my files.

Well not allowing derivatives nobody can take your design as an starting point, which is a pity because it is great.

In that sense I am happy that Sonia delivered everything.

My understanding of non-derivatives license is that someone can't take the actual geometry of my work, change it and publish it. However, there is nothing to stop someone looking at my files and working out (for example) how a knee joint might be built and then modelling their own. It would be much the same as buying a doll model and seeing how it's put together - i.e using an example to understand the principles. Ball jointed dolls are designed around some common concepts, there are just differences based on aesthetics and the amount of articulation the designer wants to achieve. I credited Sonia because I used her work as a convenient (and excellent) reference, but I never used any of the geometry). In addition. spent time looking at pictures of dolls on the web to try and work out what I needed to do. I also developed articulation ideas of my own and if people want to use those concepts then that's fine with me.

Certainly, Robotica has a non-derivative license. I'm not entirely sure what "delivered everything" means. My frog doll is an original work which took a great deal of thought and testing.

I was thinking on the rest of Sonia's designs like BeQui or Braq.
But anyway, I do not want to polemize, I respect your work and the author, just feel that open sourcing your work would make it even better for us all

I wasn't arguing with you - you are making interesting points - I'm just explaining things from my perspective. I will probably release a doll designed for customization in the future and hence with a less restrictive license and using software that everyone can download and use for free.

Froggy is my first BJD , so I am entitled to be precious about him:-)

Actually, I'll just take the non-derivatives off the license for this doll.

Its your work be a precious as you like!!!

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Very nicely done. Excellent character design and the articulation is great. Can't wait to try this one out.

Wondered what you were going to come up with next. I love it. I was for something to print next, now I have it.....mmmmm what colour?

Nice thing about frogs is that they come in every colour imaginable. It's one of the reasons for my choice.

Nicely detailed, great work yet again!

Wow! Fantastic articulation! An exemplary application of Shira's explorations. You've made it your own :) Not just a copy.

Beautiful like the designer.

This frog is pretty great! Can't wait to print it, and such detail!

Nicely done! Fantastic.

wonderful work !!! I love it!

Thanks! You are responsible for this doll-making craze:-)