Han Solo Blastech DL-44 conversion parts

by seankfields Jun 15, 2015
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Anyone had to scale up the flash hider? By how much. Mine did not fit had to sand a lot for it to fit.

Wait, so you show pics of both Mauser guns and say one is 0.8 scale. You show both with printed add-ons. So which do YOUR add-ons fit?

How can you create those supports to print the piece?

It's a program by Autodesk called: "Meshmixer" Where you can make support like that. Josef Prusa has made a video teach you how to do it.
Here is a link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXFKVmMwXCQ Meshmixer can be downloaded here: http://www.meshmixer.com/download.html

Hey, seankfields, I'm having trouble getting the knobs for the scope mount to print out. I've printed out two batches with two different types of filament, and both batches have a gape in them.

Can someone explain to me why there are grip files? The airsoft comes with its own already. Are these modified and wider to be more authentic?

Thank you!

Hi, I know this isnt the right place to ask this but I couldn't find a way to msg you... I was wondering why you took your Shoretrooper Armor down, and if i can still find the files anywhere? Thanks, I love your work!

Noticed that there is an inside arch part of the heatsinkV2 that is not attacked to the main part run it though netfabb on line. Scope also needs doing. Heatsink with supports also has 2 big holes in it


Just bought a Mauser on eBay for $8, can't wait to get started.

Epic and AWESOME BUILD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You for sharing!!!!!!!! This is so awesome of you!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!! EPIC!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!! God you do beautiful work!!!!!!!!

Everything seems to be printing well except for the barrel extension. Curious if anyone has had this issue. Otherwise it's a great build.

Did you ever get the barrel extension to print?

does the trigger pull???

Is paint being used to detail the final print? If so, what kind of paint (and where do you buy it). Thanks!

What lengths are the screws you used?

Another quick observation: the picture of the front mounting post in the pdf you liked two has two holes for Phillips screws, but the one included here only has one - is there a different version of that front mounting post anywhere?


The guide refers to using brass Phillips head screws to attack the mounting posts to the body, but doesn't saw what size. It also refers to using two slot head screws to attach the barrel extender to the body, but doesn't give sizes for them either. Any help would be appreciated!

Update: the picture of the front mounting post in the pdf you linked above has two holes for Phillips screws, but the one included here only has one - is there a different version of that front mounting post anywhere?


Hi, great stuff, but the flash hider doesn't fit on the bull barrel extension. I did not resize either of them. Suggestions?

Is heatsink V2 full size or 80%?

Hi all, a quick note regarding finding the airsoft to use as a base: I've been getting them on ebay pretty consistently, usually for less than $12. Just search for "Mauser C96 Airsoft" or "M32 Airsoft". As discussed below, be wary of the ones that say "All Metal" or something similar, as they're the 80% smaller ones. The correctly sized model is visually identifiable by the vac metalized (chrome) rear sight and a black grip screw, whereas the 80% version has the opposite. I'm attaching some photo references just to help alleviate some of the confusion.

have you tried printing the heat sink? did you print it on the angle?

I assume you mean the V2 heatsink. Yep, print it at an angle with supports. I've also uploaded a new version that has support material built in. It's what I've been using to print and is working just fine.

Stupid noob question here, I'm using a makerbot and it doesn't do overhangs very well. I noticed the first model (scope holder and arm attachment to gun) has a pretty nasty overhang. Is there a special way to print this or do I just need to calibrate my printer properly?

I just uploaded a new version of the unibody scope mount that has supports generated by meshmixer. You're welcome to use this one, but I uploaded it really just to show the orientation I used to print the part. There's just no way to do it without using supports. I tried to get around it by splitting the part in two pieces initially, but that created such a weak spot at the connection that I went back to the single piece. So, to sum up, either print the new version with the supports as is, or print the other one, oriented like the new one, but with your own support material.

Just calibrate correctly and print. :D We're noobs in this together!

Found one. Full scale airsoft C96 Mauser for $12.. Amazing, huh? I bought one, it's on its way.

So... I take it if you buy Mauser Airsoft Pistol, you have to print the parts at 80%?

That's correct. The heatsink is troublesome, but I'm working on a new version.

Going to begin production on it.
My Top Priorities:

  1. Build a mini Death Star
  2. Print this stuff
  3. Get a C96 Mauser.

    1. Print this stuff
    2. Build a mini Death Star
    3. None

I'll start by saying awesome job, I'm really looking forward to printing this. If you don't mind I have one small improvement you could consider. The perforated 'cone' at the top of the flash suppressor is very thin. I'll be printing my set at 0.8 scale for the smaller C96 airsoft gun. When I ran the flash suppressor through a few slicing programs they came up with a max shell thickness of one or two using a 0.5mm nozzle. Because of this I'm afraid that the quality of the print will suffer and also that that section of the flash suppressor will be extremely brittle. My personal recommendation would be to thicken that section of the suppressor by 2X or even 3X. That's about it, everything else is awesome.

I appreciate the tip, and I'll look at beefing up the flash hider for the smaller prints. I was able to print it at 80% without issue, however, so you might give it a try and see how it does.

Any one point me towards the missing parts to make this whole???

Oh dear wish I read that this was a conversion kit before I wasted loadsa time, effort and pla.. thought this was a complete model haha oh well I now have loadsa parts to convert an airsoft mauser haha damn it lol

Is this a 1:1 scale once printed?

How in the hell did you print that heatsink?
I've tried a couple times now, and it just won't print.

I made my own, for the same reason.

It was not printing for me at all as well. I flipped it up on end and was able to get it to work.

Purchased this one: http://www.amazon.com/BBTac-BT-712-Airsoft-Pistol-Magazine/dp/B00O1LURO8/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1434405288&sr=8-2&keywords=airsoft+mauser+c96

And it just arrived. There is not a chance in hell it's 1:1 scale, despite it saying so on the box.

Here is a picture: http://i.imgur.com/qM6EKpd.jpg
I'm REALLY pissed. Who wants a 3/4 scale replica? Has anyone found a FULL 1:1 scale replica of the C96 mauser? Preferably in metal for a reasonable price? Full size is approx. 13 inches in length, NOT 9.

It is a full scale, just of the post-Bolo model (around 10 inches from tip of barrel to end of grip)
I don't know what model was used for the movie prop.... I am buying that one (its the only one I can find) I will let you guys know if I have to make any mods to get everything to fit.

Seems to be the exact same one I found on ebay for $18, I'm printing the parts anyway to make the conversion, it is coming very nice, I'll post pictures when I'm done, some of the original parts are not water thigh, and have very slim parts and the heat sink is not printing at all when I scale it to this gun (.87 scale), I'm in the process of modeling the heat sink from scratch, and finally no, I have not found an original size mauser at a reasonable price.

Yeah, honestly...there is absolutely no point in having this gun. I returned it, and just bought a Denix. For $65, you get a PROPER replica gun made of steel, and I plan to lost cast these parts out of aluminum.

I've been working on my 3/4 scale too. It's coming along nicely. I added a photo of it juxtaposed with the full scale.


What scale did you use for the smaller gun?

I have been trying to scale these parts to the gun I got on ebay (which is not that small as to call it a child size toy) and .87 scale seems to be the right size, at least with my printer.

Comments deleted.


I'm new to 3D printing but was very impressed with your files for the DL44. As I haven't yet got my own printer I sent your files to a commercial 3D printing company. They have come back to me to say there a a number of zero thickness points in the files which mean they won't hold together. Is this because they are using different machines to yours

i can confirm that although that amazon link one states even on the box that its 1:1 size. its probably a 3/4 size compared to the plastic one used with these parts. I managed to get hold of the plastic unit also so am currently converting that. will circle back on the metal one and see about reducing the part size to fit it.

Well, It's been only 5 hours since the link to the gun on amazon was posted and it's already sold out. :( I really wanted one.

Found Another one, I'll give it a shot, metal body and It's only $18 :)


looks the same as the one i got from amazon, metal body but is smaller.

Good find. I ordered one too. That way, if something doesn't fit, I'll know how to fix it and update it here.

Please keep in mind: The Mauser funerall linked above is for a "3/4" replica. If you are looking for a proper DL-44 prop, you do not want this, it's a childs size toy.

Well, I'm sure I speak for both of us when I say, "D'oh!"

Thanks for the head's-up.

Yeah, you can probably cancel the order, since it didn't ship yet, just say you didn't see it wasn't 1:1. People are good like that.
If someone is looking to do a PROPER DL-44, I'd suggest adding your email to the amazon link you already provided to be notified when it is available. The more people do it, the quicker it will restock. That's what I did.

Well I ordered one up so will see how it goes.

Honestly, the only pieces that are sized specifically are the grips, barrel extension, and heat sink. Everything else shouldn't be a problem.

Looks great, seems to be a couple of mausers on Amazon do you have a link to the exact one?

The exact one I bought doesn't appear to be available any more, which is a shame because it was only 10 bucks. This one seems to be the same:


Actually, that one appears to be all metal, where mine is all plastic.