Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Basic Working 12 Hole Ocarina

by nimaid Jun 16, 2015
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Made this at .1.. 7 walls.. about 50% speed pla at 220/65 works great! thanks man.

Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong please? I can't seem to get a tune out of my ocarina, I printed in ABS and followed the instructions given in the description.

I have never played a wind instrument before so I am sure it's me who is at fault here and the model (which is beautiful by!). if there is a video of someone playing this print can someone please tell me, thank you^_^

I love this design so thanks mate :)

I printed 3 of these now on different settings

  1. Printed a013 with white PLA on about 80% speed 0.3 layer height 1.2 mm shell and took about 5 hours = all notes except the highest note sound ok but are little out of tune and sounds pretty bad tone wise.
  2. Printed a014 with black PLA on 40% speed 0.08 layer height 1.2mm shell and took 31 hours = last 3/4 notes wont sound at all but the ones that do have a nice tone :(
  3. Printed a014 with white PLA on 60% speed 0.2 layer height 1.2 mm shell and took 14 hours (not sure) = its almost identical to my first except last 2 notes wont work :(

Cant seem to get it right but my second attempt has a nice tone and feel to it just a shame so many notes wont work on it :(

Yeah, the biggest issue is that all parameters are just guesswork. The one with the 0.08 layer height likely had fewer microleaks, and therefore sounded less airy. Try sharpening the fipple with a file, and also try clearing the airway of any bumps that may cause turbulence in the airstream.

nimaid: Are you planning to update the print with toppasaurus’s suggested tweaks? Just curious if you perhaps tried and found an issue so decided not to pursue? (Or alternatively, just don’t feel it is a necessary) Just curious because I didn’t want to print it now if another version is just around the corner).

My guess is it probably isn’t getting updated...but I thought I would ask. :-)

I have been considering trying to troubleshoot the higher notes not working, but it is a low priority in my life. It is possible it will be updated in the coming year, but I wouldn't hold your breath. So, no, an update is not right around the corner, but I also am not completely abandoning this.

I've been in love with this piece you made...SO
In the last month or so, I've watched all the videos and googled "fipple" more times than I would have liked.
I printed dozens of modified versions and have finally come to one that gets the top notes on point, and keeps 99% of the tone.
I'll upload the remix shortly!
Thanks for the sweet Oc, nimaid!

Awesome! Post it and I'll link it in this thing's description!

Its up! (My first and only upload here)

Despite my cheap printer and using the lowest quality settings, both of the ones I printed in PLA sounded great.

Awesome! How are the higher notes? I am trying to see if the issues people have with higher notes playing is in the file, or the prints people make.

I can play it only using top holes, upper notes will not sound and lower note isn't good either. Now i'm ocarina hunger but I can't play any real serious shit! Hope you find soon the way to make this work as it should. Good job anyway...

Make sure to be aware of microleaks! Try printing with like 3 or more shells, ideally at smaller layer heights.

I've tried to print it twice in PLA, infill 40%, layer thickness 0.2 mm, wall thickness 1.2mm; and it doesn't make any sound. Any suggestions as of why?

Make sure the fipple (the edge that the air hits near the neck) is a clean edge. Maybe file it a little to sharpen it. Also clear the airway really well. Worst case, try an even smaller layer height and more shells.

Made one today. (file 013)
5h to print it on 0.2 layer
works perfectly, nice sound, a little off tune but ok if you play alone :)

Yeah, for tuning it really varies between printers. Also, hole sizes were guesswork. Glad you like it though!

I keep trying to print this with Cura on my Monoprice Select Mini V2 with PLA and it keeps on coming out extremely bumpy inside and out. Wondering if there's anything I can do that might help. This is what I decided to have my first-ever print be because I've been playing ocarina for 7+years and I thought it'd be pretty fitting. I'd love any input on extra settings I could implement.
Best ocarina model I've seen on here. Can't wait to play it~

Use a smaller layer height. It may be a printer specific problem, do other files work well on that printer?

This ocarina is mostly good, but the voicing is bad. For reference, I'm talking about the ella_oc_a013 file.

The windway should be .03" (.76 mm) wide at the interior.
For this size of ocarina, the distance between the windway and the sharp part of the sound hole should be between .35" and .41" (8.9-10.41 mm). The alignment is good, and the shape of the sound hole is good. Just needs to be a bit longer.

I tried tweaking the model myself, but I'm not familiar enough with 3D modeling to do so.

Dude! Where e you when I was modeling this? You even gave me dimensions! You rock!

Once I get Windows installed again I will totally do this!

will we be getting a updated print?

Haha, don't mention it. If you're going to share information, might as well share the actually important parts.

If you want to dig deeper, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_hM6j2P27U is part one of a 9 or 10 part series made by a guy who's been making ocarinas for something like 20 years. Part 2 is honestly where I got those dimensions. Pretty fantastic.

Is there someone who has the knowledge to bring this ocarina to correct tune? I first printed https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1726505 and while it's sound is basicaly nice, it's quite off from the pitch. See my comment there, or here is a copy:

A = A (works)
A# = A# (works)
B (german H, needed some time to get this :) ) = A# (half tone too low)
C = B
and so on. No way to adjust the pitch by blowing harder, it's too way of.

My first intention was to print the ocarina here for a comparison, but after a check in meshmixer I recognised they are exactly the same except the ornament.
I did some own tests, the main problem is the small hole opened for B. It's either not well positioned or too small. I opened it up to 6mm diameter (original is 3mm), now A and B are OK but the upper notes need some adjustment. For my try and error testing, I guess it would need many kg of filament until I get all notes on spot. I think for somebody with more experience on ocarina building it should need less time, if there is somebody here?

Is there any way to make the higher notes sound less airy? Thanks for the awesome print though, it sounds great :)

Can you please add external supports to this please? Thanks!

This may be a little odd, but i never had any experience with using a 3D printing program and I would want to print this out for a Legend of Zelda cosplay. Does anyone know how to use a 3D printer to produce this type of object? If anyone does, please acknowledge this comment and reply as needed by my request. Thanks.

Does anyone know if different infill settings will produce different tones?

Printed this out today with these settings: .2mm layer height, 15% infill, .8mm walls. For some reason I cannot get any sound out if it at all. Any suggestions?

That's likely some microleaks. Try treating the outside to a good acetone smoothing. DO NOT DO A VAPOR BATH! Acetone vapor will stuck in the infill and dissolve the carina m the inside out!

Acetone baths only work for ABS. Is there something I could do to fix the microleaks after printing it with PLA?

Can it be covered with car lacque repair set: primer and acrylic color/lacque? Probably should infill leakages.

On a MakerBot Replicator 2 (5th gen) do you have any suggestions how to remove the internal supports?

Don't print with inner supports. In Cura, change the support option to "touching buildplate" instead of "everywhere."

Print without internal supports. This CAN be done in the orientation provided.

how long should this take to print? i only have about 3-6 hours of print time at my school.

took me 4 hrs on a monoprice maker select v2. the result sounds good, but i forgot how to play it XD

Hello, I was wondering if you could make a model that is split into 2 parts so that way someone like me without the software to do that can print this. This would be a big help!

Hi, any thoughts on wall thickness? The one I printed w/ Cura defaults for PLA works but is very easily overblown.

i used 1.5mm wall thickness with 25% infill. works great sofar

An amazing ocarina except the last 2 notes. I also print out the a014, but the result is worst than a013 ?
The a014 lost last 3 notes.
A great job done. If you can revise the a013(a014), it will be perfect :-)
(PS. I print a013 infill 40% and infill 50% for a014.)

I'm having trouble playing the higher notes (printed the one with round holes). And I would have liked if the mount pice had been angled a bit to the left making it easier to hold and play.

Looking at the air flow and how ocarina's work, it looks like the round hole version has the air hitting to low on the edge (labium). That's why the low notes work well.. When you plug the holes, it forces the air pressure up and, consequently, strikes the edge more fully.

I improved mine a lot by taking a heat gun, softening the back of the ocarina, then pushing the body down where the labium is a bit.. now the high notes are reachable, even if they are a bit hard to reach. >.<

About how much of an offset do you think that was? I did notice it looked a little too high. Should the very tip of the labium be in the middle or lower that the mouthpiece slot?

Oh i would like to see that modification.

I'm having the same problem with the round hole version. I wonder if the square hole would fix that.

I printed the square hole ocarina, and spend a couple of hours trying to make a note - no luck.

while I was sanding it, I drenched it in water to get the dust off, and suddenly it was playing like a champ - so I guess there's a few micro-holes in it. Once it dries out, it cant play a single note, but when it's dripping wet, I can nearly play a full octave.

Try printing at 10-20 deg hotter, or 5% higher extrusion rate, or both.

Works great ! i've printed it at 0,2 mm and it's sounds great right the print with only a small clean up !
thanks !
if you are up to the task, i would love to have a double chamber ocarina ;)
and do you think that this one can be sized up to get a deeper sound ?

hello, your model of ocarina very pleased. I her did not yet print,but looking a model, came to the conclusion, that for the improvement of sounding opening is needed from the side of lips to do hardly anymore, that the greater volume of air acted for time unit. that do you think of this idea? I use an autotranslator.

What software did you use to design this? Looks great!

Solidworks. :)

its gr8

always did love legend of zelda

so i want to print this but i don't know which file i should print?? there are 2 stl files, one of them seems smooth and the other doesn't, and then there are 2 sldprt files, one says round hole and the other says square hole... so which one should i print?

The difference is the sound hole. The older revision of the STL has a rounded sound hole. I know this one should work. The newer revision had a square sound hole. I haven't printed this, so IDK if it does work, but theoretically it should.

The square sound hole should have a purer, sharper tone.

and what about the sldprt files? do i just ignore those? I don't have a 3d printer of my own but the library near me does, they ask me to bring the file in a usb so idk which one to bring them...

The sldprt files are essentially like the source code. Basically, you don't need them to print. You need the stl files.

thanks a lot :) btw ur ocarina looks awesome, I'm sure my friend will love it!

out of the two that you made which do you like best? ( for sound and ease of playing ) the rounded hold or non rounded?

I haven't even printed the square hole one yet.

I could not get any sound from it at all either :(
Printed on a Deltaprintr with support turned on.
The shell appears airtight, and for a test, I covered all the finger holes with tape and still cannot get any sound from it.

You didn't, like, print supports on the inside, did you? If you did, you need to print again with supports that only touch the buildplate.

If that's not the problem, make sure the fipple is clear and the labrum is nice and sharp. You may have to get used to blowing, but it is a very precise speed and intensity of air that you need. The highest two notes don't work well at all, but the lower ones are reasonable, so cover some holes and try to hit those.

Printed it, but it does not make any sounds what so ever. It's airtight, has smooth surfaces all over and clear airways. Printed it as a whole on default scale.
Still, no sound... Have played on real ocarinas before so I know how to use it.
Printed it with PLA, 0.3mm layerheight at 60mm/sec.
A bit fast, but as I said, it turned out perfect. Yet doesnt work...

Some upgrade in this project???

the sound is pretty low. any reason?

Printed 0.1mm height. 20mm/s speed. 1 shell. Took 12 hours
Works perfectly but it has a little trouble with the 3 highest notes.
Printed mine laying flat with support since my printer does not have enough height

This worked out really well. However, I was not able to print it whole, i had to split it along the center inbetween holes. I printed on a prusa i3 with 50% infill, 30mm/s for each, and at a .2mm thickness and it turned out perfectly. It actually sounds pretty good.

Can you please post it on thingiverse so I can print it? That would be a big help

Which Center did you split this on, length or width. I have a prusa i3 as well its on its way in the mail so im getting all the print files ready XD

I print it whole. I use Simplify3d, so I can place supports just on the bottom. This makes the entire piece easier to assemble (no assembly!), and makes it sound better (no air leaks!).

From the small pointed end on the top, i went 3 holes down so that it was inbetween holes. If you are using slicr, then cut it where the mouth peice part is about 78mm and the other is 57mm on the z axis. I wish i could post a picture in here to show you. If you would like a picture though, please let me know and i can set something up through google drive. I forgot to mention this but turn on supports, i got better results that way.

Love it! Will definitely try to print this sometime.

It doesn't make a sound for me, but it looks good

Currently, it doesn't play well with all or most holes uncovered, but it should play a whole Scale just fine. If the main body isn't airtight, it won't play. Try printing with more shells.