Medieval Castle File One piece fix

by TobyCWood Jun 17, 2015
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How do you get the base underneath the right side parapets to print since it looks like a 90 degree overhang unsupported?

Thank you for fixing this! I could not believe the mess when I opened the original in Meshmixer.

Uffda, wish I would have known it needed to be repaired. We were able to slice it in Simplify3D as is, but had to scale it down to 90%. 100% scale caused S3D to crash. It seems to be printing fine so far though.

Just a reminder... I did not make this. It comes from BoldMachines... Bre Pettis's latest venture. i just fixed the single part file mesh with 3D Coat.

It's no flat on the bottom, need to cut about 0.2mm

Since I always use Simplify3D and it has a handy axis offset capability for positioning the object(no doubt other slicing apps have it too), when an object's bottom is not optimal I offset the Z axis in the negative which drops the object below the bed a mm or 2. This is much easier and quicker then modifying the object's bottom. Another reason to not mod the bottom is some (like myself) may print this in 2 parts by chopping it across the middle using 3DCoat, Blender or Netfab. As such keeping the shape of the bottom is probably best as the artist intended.

A very worthy question. No I have not tried printing it yet. I plan on it, but i will likely print it parted and not one piece. A good friend of mine though has a VERY large printer... (MUCH bigger then a Z18) and he plans on printing this with it. This was posted per his request. So very soon there should be a "Made" on this. Stay tuned!

I just finished printing it, and it works well. I shaved a hair off the bottom to make it flat, had to reduce it to 34% of original size to fit my build volume, and used a .212mm nozzle with ABS. No supports required. Time consuming, though...

Have you tried printing this 1 piece model yet? .. I have been curious about it ever since the original one was published how well this would actually print ..