Lasercut Dinosaur

by jayprice6328 May 31, 2011
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Yes - please post a DXF file. I love the design but my Illustrator won't take a cst

Yes, please what is a .cst file, DXF is pretty standard for laser cutters, cheers!

Please supply a DXF file, even in the UK we need a DXF for our laser cutters. I have no idea what opens a cst file!

WTF opens a *.cst file??? Could you please upload in some standard vector file like dxf, eps, pdf, etc...

Any chance of a DXF of these files for us 3D printer guys?

I'm working on one that is going to be 5 times bigger than the original file! I'll post it once it's done :D


Can't wait to see it!

Got it done! Go check it out!! :-D