Doctor Doom Mask

by 4MULE8 Jun 18, 2015
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How do you go about joining the parts designed for smaller build plates?

Araldite and clamps worked quite well.

Dude that paint job is so amazing you gotta give us some tips or maybe do another video! I gotta hear about how you did this paint job!!

If i print the half mask will it be the right scale

Gracias por el brillante trabajo realizado, una vez imprimido y pintado el resultado es de un detalle de diez. Un saludo

is there anyone more versed in slicing models that could get me the files to fit a small M3D printer, i love this design but even at quarter sized its still to small to fit in my printer full sized and i probably need to scale it up due to my large head, any help would be great!

I'll take a look when I get home, but it might not work very well. The M3D has an extremely small build volume!

I know, im trying to get the funds for a more comprehensive printer, i really want to be able to print masks and helmets for cosplay but until then im stuck with my small unit

I'd highly recommend getting something like the free version of NetFabb and slicing it up yourself into whatever pieces you need. If you're hungry to print, it'll let you chop up the full file into however many pieces you need for your smaller build volume.

thanks man will do

i have a M3D printer i know im limited on the 4 inch area but ill give this a shot

Just wanted to drop a note to tell you how great the design is on this one. I was able to fit it in one piece on my delta, and man the quality of the print is amazing. 25% infill and this thing is a beast. I tilted it backwards a few degrees and let it place supports "everywhere". The only cleanup that is a pain so far is around the coils on the side, but that was my choice. Will post my make as soon as it's presentable

Look great! How did you prime / paint / weather it?

This is awesome, would love to see a 3D printable armour suit of this. Love Doom.

Thanks for the share.

Thank you for your kindly share

Mask is badass, but untrue to the comics.

possible to trim the top of the full mask so it lay flat upside down? think this help to print full mask alot easier and save on supports.

Any one print the 2 half version? I imagine supports was needed?

Im printing no supports split in half horizontal. Working beautiful. AMAZING job on this my friend. Amazing. Feel like doing the gauntlets? lol

Good to hear it's working, I look forward to seeing the results!

Thank you! Haha, I have actually thought about the gauntlets! I think the easiest way to ensure "one size fits all" for the fingers would be to design them as non-interlocking pieces to be attached to a pair of fabric gloves.

I would recommend supports. The horizontally split one should need less, but I wouldn't try turning it off completely.

This is amazing work!! VERY nice!

Did you print with Supports?

I would recommend supports, yes.

I have a very small printer, so I printed the 4-way split on the orientation shown in the Thingiverse renders (to fit my height limit). Loads of supports needed, but Slic3r's supports just snap of nicely these days.

I don't think I'd encourage my sibling to be a megalomaniac villain, but to each his own. ;)

Well someone's gotta bring balance to the universe! Otherwise comic books would just be about superheroes lying on their parents' couch playing Angry Birds all day.

Not to mention that in the Marvel Universe, the only way for the entire world to know peace is if Doom is able to take over the Earth. That is literally the only possible reality where there is no war, no famine, no disease. Even beings who can see into the future have admitted this. So maybe it isn't bad to encourage him to be a guy who is fighting for world peace!