Coral Cuffs

by pixil3d May 14, 2013
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So this can be printed only with support?

As it was impossible for me to get it printed without support I created a support with Blender. I used PVA for the support. It worked wonders.

Printing at High quality didn't work for me, but lowering it to .3mm, with the recommended speed settings worked out ok.

I tried 3 times on my makerbot. Will not print this design. I adjusted settings to what is suggested, but it just not really get past making a base layer, peels up and just will not proceed. Don't know whats going wrong here...

great design! Prints better in ABS than in PLA on my FlashForge printer. I seill get some stray plastic blobs on the horizontal spans but I will try a little heat gun treatment to get it to re-flow and create a smoother finish. Have printed in Blue, white and green.

i have a ultimaker, and when i enabled the retraction option it completely messed up because there wasnt any more plastic coming out of the extrusion head. is this common? i did use 0.1mm layers , no support, 20% fill ratio, and at 50mm/s. Does these settings affect this on any way?
I printed it without the retraction option but the cuff isnt very smooth now, because it has a lot of edges. What can i do about that?
I love the design btw

made one in yellow on my new 3D printer the UP! Mini. It comes with its own software. It printed a more closed version. Very nice though! going to give it to one of my granddaughters with Easter ~:)~

Mine turned into a big mess using KISSlicer. Pretty dissapointed. The supports just ate the whole thing up! Posted in the made-it section. It's the black one. Any idea what I did wrong?

Don't use supports. It'll print fine without supports. Use 0.27mm layers, no supports, 40% fill ratio, and a slower print speed (the exact max speed depends on your printer but 30mm/s should work on all printers).

some problem for the simple printer on the second layer.What should I do?

What problem? Be specific. Only specific questions get answers.

Beautiful! Made one on an Ultimaker at 0.06mm layer height in blue PLA. Nice! Thanks!

these don't slice with slic3r at all just warning people

These are looking fantastic :)

We <3 you guys! Great design!

nice job! ask: how much ABS for a unit, and time to build?

Thanks! It's about 3-4g of abs material and about an hour to print.

gonna buy the printer, but a whis to kinow if with 2 extrusors can print 2 of it at the same time for win some time of production

Actually, with the Sailfish firmware (which I highly recommend) you can "dual print" with both extruders at the same time, printing two copies of a thing at once, one with each extruder. Of course, it only works for things that are narrower than the distance between the extruders (33 mm). For them, it literally doubles the throughput of printing, which is particularly awesome if you're printing (for example) a huge pile of tank treads, or rings, or medallions to give away at a show, that sort of thing.

The limitation is that using both extruders at once works great for small things (tank treads) or longer, narrow things (pens), but not for wider things because the two copies will overlap.

no 2 extruders are for when you want to print with support material (or multi color) but will actually even slow down your production time as it takes time to switch heads to the position. In any case it will NOT allow you to print 2 copies at once ;)

In this case dual extruders are to print in two colours, but there is nothing stopping someone from creating a printer with dual heads, far enough apart to print two models at the same time, this would basically halve production time :D

You can do that now, if the thing you are printing is less than 33 mm wide. Or you don't mind moving an extruder. I use this often when printing large numbers of small things. It doubles your rare of production.

"far enough apart to print two models at the same time" I was thinking of a custom machine with two heads far apart.

:) thnx, very clear

you could put 2 parts on the same table and print in the same material but you would not gain much unless you were going to leave the machine unattended than on your return you will have 2 rather than 1.
two different colors or materials would most likely take longer than doing them one at a time as wALLe says.
I am just about to print one in gold PLA and will upload pic when done