Pip-Boy 3000 for Iphone 5

by b761d67 Jun 20, 2015
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Two suggested improvements:

Make the non-rotating dial left of screen into a separate piece with a back catch. People can then apply one of those round rubber sticky button things (for inside cabinet door corners; usually clear) to the back of the piece, aligned with their home button and use it as a extension for their home button usage!

Secondly, add a straight trench in the bottom plate for a headphone cable (to accommodate straight and L-shaped plugs). Have the trench go out the left side (up the arm).

I may look at remixing it myself... if I find the time.

I really just made the model for myself but thought that other people might like it. If you feel like remixing it go ahead, no ones stopping you.

“Do you think you could make one for Iphone 6?” as well as iphone 6 plus please !!!
cheer for fallout 4 release on 10th NOV.

I don't own an Iphone 6 so I can't sadly.

Do you think you could make one for Iphone 6?

Thanks for posting this, The one I made turned out great!

The model seems to be split somewhere because my printer gets about a third of an inch up and creates a separate later and ruins one side of the print. Any tips or suggestions? I know its not my printer as ive already printed other things with success. This print messes up at the same spot everytime :(.

If you want the arm version, only print Bottom_Body, Top_Body and Faceplate. All other files are for the Pip-Boy 2500-like version.

What is the circumference of both ends and the total length of the arm pieces from wrist to forearm?

For printing the arm version do I print FacePlate and then the top and bottom? Or do I Print the top and bottom plus full 3000?

A new version with headphone and access to buttons is really needed for this to be something for more than the occasional cosplay.

When the Fallout 4 app comes out you will be able to use it with that.

You use an app on your phone ?? A web page ??