Inkscape to Cookies

by LeoM Jun 21, 2015
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I love your cookie generator, but there is a bug in the INX file which makes impossible to use it along with Path to OpenSCAD. Please change the following line in the paths2cookies.inx:




(or something simillar, just not the same ID as the other plugin).

I still can't get the path to cookies python file to stay open long enough to copy it. Can you please help? I am using Windows. Thanks.

Awesome script! faster and more reliable than the other one I tried.

Quick question to make a stamp/die. The nyancat looks like it had an outline and something to punch the face in. How did you do that?
and its seems that the inkscape plugin is ignoring the solid option. I have checked in on but the scad renders it as a normal cutter? is there a condition that needs to be fulfilled first?

update, solid seems to work but i have to write it manually in the scad script.
and if I offset the outline a bit more then the wall thickness the stamp should fit in nicely within it.