C7 Style LED Pixel cover

by Lithgowlights Jun 22, 2015
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I love this design. Thank you for making it. I did a remix adding nubs inside the 12mm hole to hold it a little better with Boscoyo strips.

Thanks for making this. I plan to print one of these off soon to see how it will fit with my Stranger-Things inspired LED project:


Do you plan to upload any improvements soon, as mentioned in your other comments?

Thanks a lot for sharing this, it was just what I needed! I'm using "smart" WS2801 addressable leds in some outside decorations for various holidays. These are 12mm but the led "bulb" is only about 8 x7 mm. Light output is good head-on, but I wanted someway to diffuse the light "sideways, if that makes any sense.

WS2801 led strings are available on e-bay that have a C7 style diffuser. But, you have to buy a long string, somewhat expensive. I only needed about 10 for my purposes. I printed your design using transparent t-glase filament using Simplify3D and a Lulzbot TAZ 5 printer. This filament is not exactly "clear as glass", but much clearer than a white, translucent, one. Fit was good, light diffusion sideways was very good.


Thanks for the reply!

Thanks for sharing the bulb design; I have lots of C7 lights that could use this cover.

When you designed the cover, how thick did you make the walls in your CAD program?

Which printer and slicer did you use to print your covers?

Thanks for your help,

Walls were designed to be 0.4mm thick, but do flare out at the top and bottom. I used Simplify 3D and 3 walls, 4 top layers and found that there are a few places that it could do with improvement so I'll likely re-design this in the future, along with one that has a flat side to allow flat mounting along a wall or leaping arch