Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Eve Online - Rifter Minmatar Frigate

by Deamos May 15, 2013
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Print it tail down with raft and supports. Craftware does a pretty good job because you can do your own supports

My printer failed this 3 times. UM2.

The 2 front "towers" just fel every time, like a boat on solid ground sorta.
i tried with all kinds of support, it just wouldnt stay upright. anyone else made it?

This looks very hard to print. Any ideas how to tackle it?

I've been playing around with the stl myself to try and make it printable. It seems to me the easiest way would be to cut the model into at least three parts to glue together after printing. Even then you'll need to print with support. Unless of course you're using one of those fancy resin printers.

I did that too and even started to print it (scaled up so the antennas all come out), But then stopped because this model is actually missing a lot of surface details. I think that is because in game it gets textured. I found a much more detailed model but that cost money: https://imgur.com/gallery/vgBxx

That's really pretty but looks way too new. A Rifter is supposed to be a rusty piece of space debris held together with with duct tape and bailing wire. :P

I think I am going more for a look like this

Yeah... but that is what you can do yourself with the finish. I am printing the base in black and will add acrylic paint + some rub n buff finish to let it look like one of the rifters I got beaten up in the past.

Haha.. Yeah. I can't believe I forgot to do the Rifter till someone in the SCC-lounge mentioned it.

Finally! Now all I need is some baling wire and some duct tape and it will be just like my old Rifter that I used to fly around.