Gangsta Chess

by Renosis May 30, 2011
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would you consider printing me a set, of course ill pay, with a few mods? like maybe a female queen and a different horse mask, or mabe the knight can have a leashed pit bull instead!!!

Just when I thought I'd seen everything! This is hilarious!

Great design and print. What filament you used? Its so nice and shiny.

This made my day so much. You are a true artist.

I am in the process of making one for my step son red in ABS and blue in PLA 9 more blue to go :)THX Very nice

getting my printer kit today...and I already know what my 1st project is going to be :)

Wonderful! Love it.

Master piece!!!!! welldone :)

Nice work, man. You definitely won. :)

Thanks! I had fun, a good design challenge, it was. I may have gone a liittle overboard with my entry though. Meh, if you are going to do something, you might as well go all out.

OMG Awesome. I'd suggest making the back row different heights though. Like the king should be taller than the queen, which is taller than the bishop, etc.

Ya, I was considering that. But then I was worried because the details are already pretty small for some of the hats, and these guys are already scaled down to 92% of the original. I just thought it would be even harder to get any kind of recognizable/sturdy shapes on their heads if they got any smaller then what they are already.

Oh, and the HATS do vary size in the proper chess way. It probably just isn't enough to be very noticable. If you look on the openscad screenshots, it is much easier to see it.

cool! i love the tower-hats and horse-head :D however, is it possible to make a version without the symbols embedded? they look a bit "of" to me since they are aligned straight rather than follow the posture of the gangsta, also it more subtle that way

Sure, ths can easily be done. If you open the openscad file and // comment out each logo module, in the corresponding module function. For example, under module Rook(), you will see two lines that say something along the lines of "translate ([blah, blah, blah]) RookLogo();". All one would need to do is put a // in front of those two lines for each piece.

Or, if you can wait till 4 pm EDT. I will post an updated version.


"goes printin rightaway"

A little link to me

as the designer of the original GANGSTA would be nice though...

Apologies, I absolutely intended to do that, knew I missed something. Done!

Love it!

Great idea, lovingly executed and beautifully printed. Even if you don't know the gansta thingimeme, that slouching figure looks good on the board. :-)

Note to self, don't get into a maker dispute with Renosis... =-O

In all fairness, the original deadline was friday 11PM EDT. Which was 24 hours of time to do the designs. Then we were going to wait for likes to build until Tuesday 11 PM EDT But I had to work overtime friday, so we agreed to extend it to just do as many entries as you want, but winner is decided by most likes on tuesday at 11PM EDT.

I didn't start this until Sunday 9 AM, so, it really took me alot longer than the original 24 hour deadline.

Ok, note to self: if you do something stupid like get into a maker dispute with Renosis, don't give him extra design time! ;-)