PrintrBoard Raspberry Pi Enclosure w/ Fan

by arcmatt Jun 22, 2015
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Just wanted to give a little more feedback that may help. It would be nice if you added a Pi Box that has a grill for exhaust air, but it seems to work well enough how it is. After I printed the bottom cover with nuts, I had a little trouble installing. The Pi sits in the corner of the box over one of the screw holes for the bottom cover (Under the ethernet port). The bottom side of my ethernet port the solder sticks down a bit causing it to hit the screw head for the bottom cover in that corner. If you raise the stand-off's that the Pi board screws into about 3-5mm it will create clearance for the screw head to go into the bottom cover without hitting the Pi board. I had to leave that screw out of the assembly and only used 3 of 4 screws.
I love this design! I want a reason to print more of it. =)

Well, it all depends on how you want to configure the parts really. This is why I made this model modular. But based on the little information you gave I am assuming you want to use these parts:

RPiBoxLogo or RPiBox
RPiBoxBottomNut or RPiBoxBottom
80mmVaultDoorCover or 80mmVaultDoorCoverShell or 80mmVault111DoorCoverShell

Obviously the Vault Door Cover will need to have 4 holes for an 80mm fan, so before you print make sure it does.
Hope this helps and gives you the parts you need.

Thank you. It didn't take me too long to figure it out once I started loading parts. It will only get harder if you add more options and make it more modular if you could imagine. =) I'm posting my make of it for you. This is one of my favorite things that I have printed. I thought to myself, "this Pi is running a little hot sometimes. I should use an old pc case fan to cool it as it already has heatsinks." Then I stumbled upon your design and I have been a Fallout fan since their first game. Great job on this. I love it.

I played the first Fallout too... when it came out. I know, it tells my age a bit.

Glad you like the design. Hope it serves you well.


Nice Fallout design. I was searching for a case to support a 80mm fan I had laying around. I just need to figure out which pieces to print in order to house only a Raspberry Pi and the fan. Since these files support multiple variations of building it would be nice to have a print list on the main description page saying which stl's are assigned to which items you want to put inside. Looking good though. I will try to figure it out if I don't hear back soon and will post pictures in the "Make" section.

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Can you make a Vault 111 one pretty please?

Thanks for adding the "pretty" to the "please". I just added 80mmVault111DoorCoverShell, 111Badge, Small111Badge and Vault111Shell. This should get you the Vault 111 theme you asked for. Hey, enjoy, and good luck in the Commonwealth!

Well done! Plus kudos on the fallout theme.

Hey thanks! It was fun to make. I hope you enjoy, and good luck in the Commonwealth!

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To be clear, this is to house both units in one enclosure?

It is designed in such a way that they can be. You could choose to just print the Printrboard Box or just the Raspberry Pi Box. The Base and Top would still work with each on their own. It is mostly a collection of parts to be used as needed by the individual who chooses to use them. I use both, but anyone could choose to just use some.